Top Five LSAT Don’ts

What are the top five LSAT don'ts?

What are the top five LSAT don’ts?

There are definitely many “do’s” to keep in mind when taking the LSAT. As Travis described in the blog post on “The Difference Between Practice LSATs and Actual Test Day,” a definite “do” is to “double check your answers as you go and glance at the clock now and then.” Another “must-do” is to remember all of your test items, especially your watch and pencils. One more is to know exactly where you test location is so you aren’t confused or late to arrive. But, here are the top five LSAT don’ts you don’t want to commit on test day!

1. Don’t Stay Up Late or Stress the Night Before

You might be tempted to spend the night before your big test day studying. Maybe you want to take “just one more” practice test, to be sure you’re ready. Or you think you can’t help staying up late thinking about the next morning. But, if you want to be the best you can, you must remember that you need rest! If you do not get enough quality sleep, or if you can’t quiet your mind before the test, you’re going to be frazzled. Don’t tire yourself out, and do arrive clear and ready on test day.

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2. Don’t Worry About Other Test-Takers

There are going to be many other people in the room with you. Some might be unfriendly. Some might be too friendly. Others might be very distracting. (You might even want to collect funny stories of other test-takers to share on Reddit later!) But remember, you shouldn’t let anyone affect your mission for the day: to do your best. If you think too much about what everyone else is doing, you’re going to lose focus on the LSAT.

3. Don’t Assume Any Section is the Experimental Section

Ideally, most test-takers would love to know which section was experimental. The LSAT is a long test and any reason to relax is welcome. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking any unusual section is experimental! You might be very unpleasantly surprised when you find out the section you thought was experimental was for real!

4. Don’t Freak Out If There Are Any Problems

There are bound to be issues in most situations in life, especially on test day. Check-in might be very slow. You might start the test much later than expected. The proctors may not keep time correctly or forget to give the 5-minute warning. They might be misinformed. Or there might be major distractions in your testing room, like someone making loud noises or having a medical emergency. It is important to relax in case of any problem and don’t freak out! If you keep your focus, you’ll do well despite any testing issues.

5. Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself!

It’s understandable that you set high goals for yourself. You’ve been working hard to prepare for the LSAT and you want to do well. You might make the mistake of putting too much pressure on yourself. Just remember all the things you’ve done right. The most important thing is to do your best. Remember that the more relaxed you are, the more clearly you’ll be able to think. In the end, you’ll perform much better!

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