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How to Study for LSAT Reading Comprehension

lsat reading comprehension

The LSAT reading comprehension section is all about absorbing a huge amount of information in a short time and then applying it to some questions. Then, you need to promptly forget all of the information you just read, so you can do it all over again with the next passage.

Understanding how to break down each passage will be key to your success, and is something you really, really need to get good at. Check out the advice below for how to do so.

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Know the types of things you’re going to need to do in a Reading Comprehension prompt.

There are 7 kinds of /”>reading comprehension questions.

The point is, you’re going to need to understand what each type of question is going to ask you to do. Depending on the prompt, you’ll need to read each passage in a specific way.

Learn how to memorize the important parts of each passage.

On the surface, getting better at memorizing really boring subject matters appears to be amazingly difficult. It can be, but not if you do it the right way. The best thing you can do is write a summary sentence or phrase at the end of each paragraph, in one of the margins. This will help you quickly glance back to relevant sections, and it will also help you put the passage in your own words.

Essentially, this helps translate whatever is on the paper into something your brain can understand. Once your brain can understand what your reading, memorizing becomes much easier, and you’ll find your ability to recall specific points is much easier.

Practice … lots

Finally, you’re going to need to go through a bunch of reading comprehension passages. You’ll want to build good habits. That means you’re going to need to do the right things over and over until diagramming and mapping out the passages becomes second nature.

This could take a while, but it can definitely be done. You’ll just need to put in the work.

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