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Southwestern Law School LSAT Scores

Are you considering applying to Southwestern Law School? Located in Los Angeles, California, Southwestern’s 15,000+ alumni have gone on to become successful public officials, judges, and founders of law firms.
For those of you interested in entertainment law, the school’s Biederman Entertainment and Media Law Institute is famous for its ties to Hollywood’s entertainment industry.

Southwestern’s LSAT numbers

Southwestern reports a median LSAT score of 153. Its 25th percentile LSAT score is 151, and its 75th percentile is 155. Just over 2,700 students apply to the law school, and it typically has about a 40% acceptance rate.

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How does your score stack up?

Check out our guide to see if your LSAT score makes you competitive at Southwestern Law School. As with all of our provided LSAT ranges, these are meant to give you a general idea of your admissions chances. They are not guarantees of admission or rejection.
156 and above: You can probably count on scholarship money from Southwestern if your GPA, letters of recommendation, and resume are strong. If your score is in this range, your score will outperform three-quarters of Southwestern’s class.
155: Scoring a 155 will also put you in a great position for scholarship money, since this score hits Southwestern’s 75th percentile.
154-153: A score in this range will also be competitive, since you’ll be at or above median.
152-151: While you’re below median at this point, you’ll still fall within their 25th-7th percentile range. Get your application materials in order early and plan to submit them as soon as possible to help make your case for admission stronger.
150-147: Because an LSAT score in this range is below the 25th percentile, you will need a very strong undergraduate GPA to help offset admissions officers’ concerns about your test score.
146 and below: With an LSAT score in this range, you may want to consider studying to take the LSAT again. You will need every other piece of your application to be outstanding to balance out your LSAT.
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2 Responses to Southwestern Law School LSAT Scores

  1. Max B February 19, 2019 at 7:51 PM #

    Hey question – if you commit to a school like Southwestern Law and you retake the LSAT and achieve a higher score, have they been known to reconsider giving out (additional) scholarship dollars?

    • David Recine
      David Recine February 20, 2019 at 8:01 AM #

      That’s a great question! I know that some schools are willing to reconsider and revise rewards after issuing an initial acceptance letter. I don’t know the exact policies of Southwestern in particular, but this is definitely something worth asking about. My advice is to contact Southwestern and your other prospective schools to see their exact policies. Or check the financial aid and scholarship portions of their website, as they may actually publish their policies on revising awards after a change in LSAT scores. 🙂

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