Simple Strategies to Score Higher on the LSAT

Simple Strategies to Score Higher on the LSAT

A common problem for students studying for the LSAT is reaching a score plateau. You might be studying as hard as possible, following advice from the Magoosh LSAT lessons, and taking practice tests consistently. But, maybe you’re not improving as much as you’d like. Or, you want to make sure you score as highly as possible on test day. Fear not: take a look at some straightforward strategies to score higher on the LSAT.

Know Your Goal Score to Manage Timing

As you can learn from the Magoosh LSAT lesson on your pacing strategy, it will help you to know your score goals ahead of time. If you know your goals, you can plan for how many questions you are allowed to miss on each section. For example, if you know your goal score is 160, check out an LSAT score conversion table. It might tell you that you can generally miss 21-22 points out of 100 questions (or in other words, you must score 78-79/100 questions for a scaled score of 160). That means on each section, you can afford to miss 5-6 questions per section (22 divided by 4 is 5.5). Knowing how many questions you can miss will help you focus on answering the questions you can confidently answer within your time limit of 35 minutes per section. The key is to avoid wasting time on a difficult question if it takes time away from several others that you are more likely to get right.

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Build On Your Knowledge

In addition to knowing your goal score, as you’re studying, remember to:

  • Review wrong answer choices
  • Identify your weak-points
  • Review unfamiliar vocabulary words

By studying smart and working on your weak points, you’re bound to score higher on the LSAT.

Do Easier Questions First

To score higher on the LSAT, remember that the questions towards the beginning of each section, especially on Logical Reasoning, are generally less challenging than the later questions. When it comes to the Analytical Reasoning section, the first game is generally one of the easier ones, like a simple sequencing game. So it will help you to focus on these easier questions first. Do not give up precious time attempting questions you know will require more thinking.

Know Your Preferred Guessing-Answer

Another lesson you can learn from Magoosh LSAT is to “bubble in everything.” There is no penalty for guessing on the LSAT. This means, if you are out of time, you have a 20% chance of getting a random choice correct. Your odds go up even more if you can quickly eliminate an answer that at a glance looks incorrect.

If you are forced to take a random guess, you don’t want to waste time deciding what your default answer choice will be. So, you might stick to “D” as your default answer, for example. That means if you have one minute left in time, but five blank answers, you can confidently bubble in “D,” and hopefully get at least one of those choices correct.

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By following these strategies and continuing to study with a good attitude, you’ll be sure to score higher on the LSAT!

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