How Reading Can Help Your LSAT Score

how reading can help your lsat score

If you hadn’t guessed it yet, reading is a big part of the LSAT. It’s super important in the reading comprehension section. Let’s face it, reading the stuff in the reading comprehension section is like slamming your finger in a door jam over and over again. It’s no fun.

So, getting good at the reading comprehension section is like building up a high pain tolerance. The more you do it, the less painful getting through the section will be.

Reading Comprehension Section

We’ve got a bunch of articles on this section. So, you should go and check them out. For the purposes of this post, you just need to know a couple of things about this section.

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First, the LSAT creators don’t want you to read the way you would normally read. You’re going to need to infer a bunch of information based on what the author is arguing. You are literally going to have to get into the author’s head and answer questions like, since the author said “blah blah blah,” which answer choice would she agree with the most.

The reading comprehension section is going to force you to read between the lines … a lot. You’ll need to get good at that, and the only way to do that is with practice.

Reading is important in all the sections

Reading is also really important in all the other portions of the exam. The biggest thing you’ll need to have is the ability to read things one time, maybe twice, and remember everything you read. If you can do that, answering the questions will become much easier.

However, there is another, equally important reason that reading is important. The test-makers like to write tricky questions. They will try and trip you up on the way things are phrased. You’ll find words like AND or OR, or even BUT. They are assuming that you’ll be reading so fast, you’ll just gloss over some of these words. Then, you’ll pick one of the trap answers.

Oh yes, the test creators are mean guys for sure. They like it when they can trick you. So you’ll need to remember that you need to read efficiently, but not like you’re a rocket ship …

Reading resources

If you don’t feel like reading a bunch of reading comprehension questions, then you might want to read some big publications. My post on good material to practice LSAT reading skills has suggestions for magazines and news sources that will give you some exposure to writing that will challenge you.

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Just remember, you need to practice reading and you need to practice smart.

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