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Notre Dame Law School was founded in 1869. It’s the oldest Roman Catholic law school in the country. I suppose you could call it the “Harvard” of Catholic America. The school has the only ABA (American Bar Association) approved year long “study-abroad” program. The program takes place in London, England, at the Notre Dame Law Centre.

It is a moderately competitive school, and is currently ranked 22 in the country by US News. Tuition is currently $52,372 per year, and the current professor to student ratio is 10 students to a professor.

Summary of the 2015 Incoming Class

This past incoming class had quite the spread. The highest LSAT score was a 177, while the lowest score was 144. The 75th percentile was 165, the median was 164, and the 25th percentile was 161. That means the majority of the accepted scores were between 161 and 165, which is a pretty small range.

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LSAT score ranges

166 and above: Scoring above a 165 on the LSAT will give you a great shot at getting accepted. You should be really comfortably submitting your application with this score. If your grades are high, you should feel even better. However, even with a little bit lower GPA, a score in this range will definitely give you a better shot, and put you in the middle of the pack.

164-165: Getting a score in this range puts you right at the “in-the-running” range. Your score is solid enough to get you serious consideration, and the rest of your application will play a big role in getting accepted. You might consider writing an additional essay – it’s called the “Why Notre Dame” essay. Students have said that it was really helpful for marginal scores. While a score in this range is definitely not marginal, writing that extra essay definitely won’t hurt your chances of getting.

161-163: If you score in this range, your chances of getting in drop pretty quickly. While still a solid score, you will be competing with a bunch of students with higher scores. You will definitely want to complete the optional essay, and hit a homerun with your personal statement, references, and resume.

160 and below: If your score is here, Notre Dame Law School’s admission requirements are probably just a little too high. While the school did accept one score of 144, that is definitely the exception. Last year Notre Dame received 2,852 applications, and they only accepted 676 of them. That’s just over 20 percent. If you’re dead set on going there, you’ll either want to take the LSAT again, or get really lucky.

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