LSAT Wikipedia: a Crash Course on the Exam

We know that you probably can’t use Wikipedia to cite too many of your college assignments. After all, professors always seem to doubt the validity of an online database that anyone can contribute or make edits to.
But in the case of the LSAT Wikipedia page, we think it offers some valuable content that any student prepping for the LSAT can benefit from! Almost all of the information comes directly from the LSAC website, making the page a credible source. We think of the LSAT Wikipedia article as a single repository for LSAC information that you’d otherwise need to track down from multiple pages.

Here’s quick overview of what you’ll be able to find on the LSAT Wikipedia page.


What’s the point of making thousands of prospective law students take the LSAT each year, anyway? Don’t college academic records tell the whole story? The Wikipedia page tells us about the LSAT’s purpose – to help predict success in law school.

LSAT background

Did you know that Columbia Law School led the way to the modern-day LSAT? Columbia, Harvard, and Yale were the original three law schools that discussed the LSAT in 1947. The first LSAT was administered just one year later, in 1948.

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The Wikipedia page covers LSAC-released data about LSAT administration. Since the number of test-takers for the LSAT helps predict the number of law school applicants in any given year, we can look to test-taker data for overall trends in law school admissions.

Test composition

Learn about the basics behind the three scored sections of the LSAT: logical reasoning, logic games, and reading comprehension. The Wikipedia also gives us some background on the unscored writing section and the unscored variable section.


LSAC recommends putting in advance study time for the LSAT and using real practice tests as part of preparation. However, some tests are considered outdated relative to “modern” tests, and some are no longer published. The Wikipedia provides the numbers of these prep tests.


LSAT scoring can seem complicated at first glance, so the Wikipedia page helps bring us to the fundamentals of scoring. Scores are normalized and equated.

Use of scores

Have you ever thought about how law schools use LSAT scores when making admissions decisions? While some law schools use an admissions index that assigns “decision-making power” to the LSAT and GPA, others view the LSAT as just one piece of a holistic admissions review.

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LSAT in the news

The Wikipedia also covers some current controversies relating to the LSAT, like the use of fingerprinting to validate test takers’ identities. If you’re looking to stay up-to-date with LSAT news, check out the Wikipedia page.
If you’re looking to boost your LSAT score, check out some of our best tips and tricks here.

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