LSAT Scores By School

LSAT Scores by School
The American Bar Association accredits law schools throughout the country and requires them to disclose statistics regarding the LSAT scores of their entering classes. Find out how your score stacks up to the scores of first-year law students; the following chart outlines the LSAT scores by school for all of the law schools that have published their stats.

Seeing where your score falls will give you a good idea of your chances of getting into a specific law school. If your score is higher than the 75th percentile score, you have a great shot of admission. If your score is below the 25th percentile score, you may only be able to get in with a stellar GPA or other attractive experience in your application. For more information about how many applicants some of these top law schools have, check out our article on LSAT scores in top law schools.

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LSAT Scores By School

Law School25th Percentile LSAT50th Percentile LSAT75th Percentile LSAT
University of Akron147152154
University of Alabama156163164
Albany Law School149151154
American University152155158
Appalachian School of Law142146150
University of Arizona155160162
Arizona State University158161163
Arizona Summit Law School140143148
University of Arkansas--Fayetteville151154159
University of Arkansas--Little Rock146150155
Atlanta's John Marshall School of Law145147150
Ave Maria School of Law142148153
University of Baltimore149152155
Barry University144146150
Belmont University*152154158
Boston College158162163
Boston University160163164
Brigham Young University156161164
Brooklyn Law School152155158
University of California--Berkeley162166168
University of California--Davis159163165
University of California--Hastings155159161
University of California--Irvine161162165
University of California--Los Angeles162166169
California Western147150153
Campbell University150152156
Capital University144149152
Cardozo School of Law156159161
Case Western Reserve156159162
Catholic University of America150153156
Chapman University152156158
Charleston School of Law143146149
Charlotte School of Law140142145
University of Chicago166170172
Chicago-Kent College of Law152156158
University of Cincinnati152155157
City University of New York150152156
Cleveland--Marshall School of Law150153155
University of Colorado157161163
Columbia University168171173
Concordia University*146150154
University of Connecticut153156158
Cornell University164167168
Creighton University149152154
University of Dayton144148151
University of Denver154157158
DePaul College of Law149152154
Detroit Mercy147151155
University of the District of Columbia145148151
Drake University148151154
Drexel University153155158
Duke University166169170
Duquesne University150152155
Elon 145147150
University of Florida155157160
Florida A&M144146149
Florida Coastal141144148
Florida International151156158
Florida State156158161
Fordham University160163165
George Mason156161162
George Washington158165166
University of Georgia156162164
Georgia State155158160
Golden State145148151
University of Hawaii151154158
University of Houston155159161
Houston College of Law147150153
University of Idaho147152155
University of Illinois158161163
Indiana Tech148151153
Indiana University--Bloomington155161162
Indiana University--Idianapolis148152156
University of Iowa156161162
John Marshall Law School145147151
University of Kansas152156159
University of Kentucky152155158
La Verne144147150
Liberty University150153157
Lincoln Memorial*147150152
Lewis and Clark154157161
Louisiana State University153155158
University of Louisville151154157
Loyola--Los Angeles156159161
Loyola--New Orleans147151154
University of Maine149152157
Marquette University150152155
University of Maryland154157160
University of Massachusetts*146148152
McGeorge School of Law148151154
University of Memphis149152156
Mercer University150152154
University of Miami154157160
Michigan State150154157
University of Michigan164168169
University of Minnesota158164166
Mississippi College142146150
University of Mississippi151155157
University of Missouri154157159
University of Missouri--Kansas City150152155
Mitchell Hamline148152156
University of Montana149153156
University of Nebraska152156158
University of Nevada154158161
New England Law144147151
University of New Mexico150154157
University of New Hampshire153157159
New York Law School149152154
New York University166169171
University of North Carolina160161164
North Carolina Central142145149
University of North Dakota145148153
Northern Illinois145148150
Northern Kentucky144149152
Notre Dame161164165
Nova Southeastern146149151
Ohio Northern144149152
Ohio State156159161
University of Oklahoma154157159
Oklahoma City University146148151
University of Oregon154157158
Pace University147150153
University of Pennsylvania163169170
Pennsylvania State--Dickinson158159161
Penn State Law152158159
University of Pittsburgh153156159
University of Puerto Rico141144149
Regent University149152154
University of Richmond155160161
Roger Williams University145148152
St. John's University154158159
Saint Louis University152155158
St. Mary's149151154
St. Thomas--Florida145147151
St. Thomas--Minnesota149154157
University of San Diego156159161
University of San Francisco149152154
Santa Clara153155157
Seattle University151154157
Seton Hall153156159
University of South Carolina152154157
University of South Dakota144147151
Southern University141143147
University of Southern California161166167
Southern Illinois University145149152
Southern Methodist University156161163
State University of New York--Buffalo151154157
University of Tennessee153158161
University of Texas162167169
Texas A&M154156158
Texas Tech151154156
Thomas Jefferson141144148
Thomas Cooley138141147
University of Toledo147151154
University of Tulsa151154156
University of Utah154158160
University of Virginia163168170
Wake Forest157161162
Washington and Lee158160162
University of Washington159164166
Washington University--St. Louis161167168
Wayne State152156160
Western New England143147152
West Virginia University151153157
William and Mary158163164
University of Wisconsin155161162
University of Wyoming148151153

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