LSAT Metaskills 2: If you don’t know WHY something’s right, you’re guessing

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I’ve been teaching the LSAT off and on for a very long time, and I will tell you that there are certain kinds of students who pull their scores up dramatically. And by dramatically, I mean 14 points and more.

And there are some kinds of students who never manage to get a consistent score increase. Their scores jump around a lot– from the low 150s to the mid 160s sometimes, and then back down to the high 140s.

Why is that?

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Why do some students make steady progress and others don’t?

The students who manage to increase their scores are the ones who can tell you WHY the right answer is right and why the wrong answer is wrong.

The students who don’t improve can’t.

When I ask them, “Why’d you pick B?” They’ll say, “It seemed like the right answer?”


But I will also tell you that once I started teaching the LSAT regularly, and I had to explain to people WHY the right answer was right and why the wrong answer was wrong, I saw HUGE increases in my score.

Here is Metaskill Number 2

You should be able to point to a specific word, or set of words on the page and use those words to prove why an answer is right or wrong. Until you can do that regularly, you are really just guessing.

That’s kind of important so I’m going to say it again. If you can’t explain why something is the right answer, you’re guessing. If you want to get serious about your score, you need to stop guessing, and start knowing.

Ok, great. How do you do that? The secret lies in looking at EVERY WORD. More on that in the next post.

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See ya then!

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