Law School Dual Degrees: JD/MBA

If you’ve never heard of a dual degree, then this article series is for you. It’s all about getting both a law degree and a masters in something else. There are all kinds of dual degrees out there, and this post is all about the dual Jurisdoctor/Masters in business administration.

What is the JD/MBA?

The dual JD/MBA is probably the most popular dual degree out there. It’s so popular that almost every university out there offers it. The JD/MBA is a joint law degree and masters degree in business administration. The dual degree gives you a legal and business degree, and can be amazingly helpful for those of you out there looking to practice in a business related area of law.

However, it will also help you out if you simply want to run a law firm. It’s a well know fact that many attorneys are great attorneys, but horrible business people. Having the joint degree will help you out in this area immensely.

How do I get a JD/MBA?

The method is actually quite simple. You’ll need to apply, and get accepted to, a university’s law school and its business school. Depending on the school, you’ll need to follow their procedure for getting into the dual degree program.

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Once in, you’ll take both law classes and business classes, in order to meet the basic requirements to get the degree. Most schools’ JD/MBA programs take 4 years. However some schools, like Yale, Columbia, and Indiana Univerisity, only take 3 years. This is good news, since if you got both degrees separately it would take you 5 years to complete.

Easy peasy.

What are the benefits of a JD/MBA?

The biggest benefit you’re going to get is the extended network of both the business school and the law school. If you only undertake one degree or the other, you’ll only get access to one school’s network. So, getting your JD/MBA allow you to essentially double your network.

You’ll also be able to get two degrees in less time than it takes to get one degree. That means you’ll be able to start making money one or two years faster than if you got the two degrees separately.

You’ll be more attractive to potential employers. Just remember, this is only certain kinds of employers. If you want to practice business law, then this will stick out. However, if you want to be a prosecutor, or a non-profit attorney, or an immigration attorney, then having the dual degree won’t really help you out at all.

What are the cons to getting a JD/MBA?

The first con is that you’ll be in school longer than if you only got a single degree. Four years instead of three years if you get a JD, or two years if you get an MBA. That also means you’re going to be spending a lot more money. More time at school means paying another $50,000. While it’s probably going to be paid in the form of a student loan, that still more money you’ll have to pay back later.

It could also end up being overwhelming. You’re going to be taking on two separate, and very difficult curriculums. Law school and business school have very different teaching methods, and very little crossover between the subject matter. I promise it will be a lot to take in, and there are going to be times you wished you were doing something else.

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Putting it all together.

So, if you think you’re going to be practicing business law, and you can swing the extra year of school and added workload, then you should seriously consider getting a dual JD/MBA. However, don’t just get one because it sound like a good thing to do.

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