How to Be More Interested in LSAT Reading Passages

be more interested in lsat reading passages

Let’s face it–many of the LSAT Reading Comprehension passages don’t seem to exciting to read at first. They feature challenging vocabulary, complicated sentence structure, and topics you might know little about. But, as we can learn from an LSAC LSAT study, the more interested you are while reading, the better you understand what you’ve read. The higher your interest-level, the higher your score can be in the reading comprehension section. So it turns out it can really help to not only read the passages well but also to try to enjoy what you’re reading. So how can you overcome the seriousness of the reading topics? Take a look at these tips on how to be more interested in LSAT reading passages!

Find Something to Relate to

A great way to be more interested in LSAT reading passages is to look out for ways these subjects relate to your life. The LSAT reading passages often feature at least one passage about the life of a historical figure. You can ask yourself what struggles might you have experienced that are similar to the subject in the passage. Or, may be you have experienced legal difficulties related to what’s being written about. The more you try to connect your life to what you’re reading, the more interested you can become!

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Consider it a Chance to Learn

No doubt, the LSAT reading passages are full of information. The topics always vary and they are based on solid sources of information, like books and Law Review, New York Times, and Time, Inc. articles. While the random nature of these topics might seem bad at first, it’s actually a great opportunity! You have the chance to learn about things you might never have stumbled on before. How many people learn something new about drilling muds (the topic of one notorious LSAT passage from Preptest 54)? If you change your frame of mind, you can appreciate the chance to learn facts about different cultures, historical figures, scientific theories, and legal issues!

Make it a Game

If you like competition, why not change your thinking and make reading comprehension a game? Think of how efficiently you can read while remembering all the main points? How quickly can you identify the main points of each paragraph? Can you beat your own record of correct questions? Try to find a way to entertain and challenge yourself to keep your interest high!

If you combine these tips with lessons from Magoosh LSAT Online Prep, you’re bound to improve your reading comprehension performance on the LSAT!

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