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How to Fit LSAT Study Into a Lunch Break

Not every LSAT test-taker is a college student. There are plenty of post-college LSAT takers. And that’s great! Work experience definitely enhances your resume and can prepare you to be a better student. But, working students often complain that they can’t seem to find enough time to study. That makes sense. If you spend eight hours a day focusing on work issues, shifting to LSAT thoughts might be a challenge. So what can you do? Well, busy students can definitely take advantage of even small windows of time that are available. How about taking advantage of free time at work? Here’s how to turn your normal break into an LSAT lunch break!

Use Mobile Study Tools

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Everything has an app, right? That also applies to LSAT study. Did know you know that Magoosh offers an LSAT flashcard app to help you nail down those tricky words? If you download it, you can find time to study on the go–wherever you are! That’s definitely handy when you’re trying to have an LSAT lunch break.

And how about physical flashcards? One of the best ways to make use of your LSAT lunch break is to study your handmade flashcards. They’re easy to carry around and super helpful for learning LSAT vocabulary. They’re also easy to read while eating (if necessary), so that’s useful for anyone with breaks less than an hour. Just be sure that you have them prepared and that you’re creating flashcards in the first place!

Do One Timed Practice Test Section

If you have at least an hour for lunch, you can definitely find time to eat and take a timed section! You might want to use old tests for this, so you don’t waste newer exams. But the practice of timing yourself is crucial to feeling ready for test day. And, you can make use of that timed section if you review all of your practice tests, as per below.

Review Practice Tests

Your lunch break is a great time to go over your practice tests. It’s a waste of a practice test to simply take it and never look at it again. How will you know what mistakes you’re making? How will you pinpoint your weakest section or question type? Thankfully, there’s no required amount of time for test review, so a lunch break is the perfect time to fit it in!

Find Creative LSAT Lunch Break Solutions

Have any other unique ways to fit the LSAT into a lunch break? Share your most useful tips in the comments below!

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