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Archive | Pre-Law

5 Reasons to Get a Law Degree

Hey, we get it. Making the decision to go to law school is no joke. You’re looking to sacrifice at least three years of your career, put in a ton of hours of study, and commit to tuition and living costs. It’s only right that you seriously consider your options in deciding whether law school […]

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Is Law School Hard?

Everyone seems to have an opinion on this. Guess what! I do too. When I was in the second grade, I had to learn this really difficult concept. It involved taking a two-digit integer and then adding it with another two-digit integer. That’s right, I had to learn addition with numbers bigger than 10. That […]

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What is Intellectual Property Law?

Intellectual property law. Who would have thought even 300 years ago that people would do so much to protect something as intangible as their ideas? But, that’s were we are today. In a society where individualism and capitalism are the bedrock, it’s not too difficult to imagine why people would fight so hard to protect their […]

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The Best Environmental Law Schools in the US

Environmental law is one of the broadest areas of law you could imagine, and the best environmental law schools may cover the topic in dozens of courses from Administrative Law to International Law to–you guessed it–Environmental Law. It’s a blanket term that covers laws that have any kind of impact on human interactions with the […]

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First Year Law School Classes: What to Expect

If you don’t know what your first year of law school is going to be like, you should probably read “One L,” by Scott Turow. However, until you get the chance, read on. Your first year law school classes are likely going to be one of the most difficult experiences you’ve ever had in a school […]

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