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Archive | LSAT Scoring

What is the LSAT out of?

The LSAT, or law school admissions test, usually consists of 100 questions. It could be 101 or 99, but is always somewhere around that number. But when you’re asking, “what is the LSAT out of?” you’re probably not asking about the number of questions on the exam. You might have heard something about scoring in […]

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What is the LSAT score range?

If you’re looking for the LSAT score range, you’ve come to the right place. While the score range is always the same — 120 to 180 — converting a raw score to a scaled score is quite a process.   What is the difference between the raw score and the scaled score? Your raw score […]

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When and How Can I Check My LSAT Scores?

LSAC’s Official Score Release Timeline About a month after your LSAT test date, LSAC will release your score to you. Keep in mind that while the LSAC publishes official score release dates, those dates are approximate. For some reason, LSAC has a habit of releasing scores a few days in advance of the published date. […]

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How hard is the LSAT?

There are a number of ways to answer the question “Is the LSAT hard?”, depending on how you define hard. So, let’s tackle the different ways in which the LSAT may or may not be hard one at a time. How Difficult is the LSAT Content? You might be surprised (and relieved!) to hear that […]

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Setting LSAT Prep Goals

“How do I set reasonable goals for my LSAT prep?” This is a question I’ve heard over and over again from students trying to set LSAT prep goals. If you’re even asking yourself this question, you’re approaching your LSAT prep from the right perspective. Effective LSAT prep isn’t about aimless improvement. Instead, it should be […]

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What’s a Good LSAT Score?

What is a good LSAT score? This is a common question, and it can be answered in many ways. If you haven’t already read What is the Average LSAT Score? and LSAT Scores for the Top 100 Law Schools, those posts provide an overview of how the exam is scored and how to compare your […]

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