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Archive | LSAT Scoring

When Should I Not Request Handscoring on the LSAT?

Our last post covered circumstances that warrant handscoring on the LSAT – having a person review your answer sheet, instead of a machine. While there are some valid situations that call for handscoring, there are also some that don’t. Keep in mind that LSAC won’t turn down your request for handscoring, even when it’s clear […]

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Should I Have My LSAT Handscored?

We recently covered the basics of LSAT handscoring and how to request it. As a reminder, when a test is handscored, a person reviews your answer sheet, instead of a machine. Since requesting handscoring will cost you both time and money, you’ll want to have a strong case for why it’s needed in your specific […]

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LSAT Handscoring: The Basics

After you turn in your LSAT exam booklet and answer sheet, LSAC will use machine scoring to mark your answers and calculate your score. If you want to verify or contest the results of LSAC’s machine scoring, you can submit a request to have your answer sheet rescored by hand. In other words, instead of […]

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What is the LSAT out of?

The LSAT, or law school admissions test, usually consists of 100 questions. It could be 101 or 99, but is always somewhere around that number. But when you’re asking, “what is the LSAT out of?” you’re probably not asking about the number of questions on the exam. You might have heard something about scoring in […]

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