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Archive | Logic Games

LSAT Logic Games: The Basics

In this post, we’ll go over a very unique section of the LSAT test known as Logic Games, along with a general strategy on how to approach this section. For more information on common logic game types, tips and tricks, or where to find specific game types for practice, check out Magoosh’s Analytical Reasoning Library. […]

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“Unless” Statements on the LSAT: Part 2

A couple weeks ago, we briefly explored “unless” statements when I provided the following example and asked you to translate it into a standard if/then statement. I refuse to keep writing formal logic blog posts unless some of you post comments telling me you鈥檙e finding these helpful. 馃檪 Well, it鈥檚 time to check back in […]

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If, Only If, and If and Only If on the LSAT

In a previous blog post, we covered how to interpret basic if/then statements and how to form their contrapositives. In this post, we鈥檒l look at some of the most common alternative forms of if/then statements. Let鈥檚 start with a basic if/then statement and its contrapositive: If I am a vegetarian, I don鈥檛 eat beef. If […]

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“And” vs “Or” on the LSAT

This is a pretty quick topic that I鈥檓 covering because a student asked about it recently. What is the overlap between and and or, especially in the Logic Games section? In other words, what鈥檚 the difference between the following rules?: If either Charlie or Denise is on the team, then Robert is not on the […]

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Where to Find Logic Games Floating Grouping Practice

Looking for more Floating Grouping practice in the Logic Games section? Get a copy of Actual, Official PrepTests Volume V. There are a total of 11 Floating Grouping games that appear in that book, so you鈥檒l have plenty of practice to get started. If you need more than that, purchase PrepTests 72-75 at the LSAC […]

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Where to Find Logic Games Matching Practice

Looking for some extra Matching practice in the Logic Games section? Below is a table that lists where you can find standard Matching practice games in recently released LSATs. Pure Matching games are relatively uncommon in the Logic Games section, so it鈥檚 difficult to find an abundance of them for practice. Currently, Magoosh鈥檚 online Logic […]

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Where to Find Logic Games Hybrid Practice

If you鈥檙e looking for more Logic Games Hybrid practice, here鈥檚 a series of tables that list where to find the various types of Hybrid games that appear in recently released LSAT PrepTests. Note: For Magooshers, you鈥檝e got access to actual LSAC Logic Game questions鈥115 to be exact鈥攖hrough your online account. You can even sort by […]

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