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Archive | Bar Exam

What Is the Uniform Bar Exam?

Ah, the bar exam. There’s nothing like it. Freshly minted law school graduates get exactly one week, sometimes less, before they have to hit the books one more time. Only this time around, they are forced to learn 18 substantive areas of law in the span of two months. It’s brutal. Believe me, I took […]

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Why the LSAC Doesn’t Think LSAT Scores Predict Bar Passage

If you haven’t heard the rumors, organizations like Law School Transparency claim that some law schools are acting irresponsibly. How? Because they admit students with low LSAT scores. Supposedly, this means that they’re admitting students who don’t have a good chance of passing the bar. Law School Transparency claims that we should care about the […]

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Concord Law School: LSAT score ranges

Concord Law School is run by Kaplan University and is based in southern California. It has been around since 1998, when it only had 18 students. Now the school has over 1,200 students. If you haven’t heard of it before, that’s because the school is completely online.   A Note about Online Law Schools Unfortunately, online […]

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Online Law School: Is it for me?

I’m not going to lie. Before I wrote this article, I didn’t know anything about online law school. If I’m being honest with myself, I didn’t even know they existed, at least in the United States. In my experience, law schools are so old fashioned, allowing students to take online courses without subjecting the students […]

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