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How to Nail the Law School Personal Statement

If you’ve recently checked out our post on law school admissions requirements, you may have noticed that one of the most time-consuming components of the admissions process is writing the personal statement.  The law school personal statement is one of the few pieces of your application that you have total control over at this point, if not […]

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10 LSAT Logic Games Tips

Logic games are often aspiring law applicants’ point of weakness. After all, logic games are probably unlike anything you’ve seen before (unless you majored in philosophy). While you’ve been reading and writing for your courses from a young age, you haven’t been seating party guests around a table in various combinations or rearranging red, green, […]

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10 Tips for Getting Into Law School

Getting into law school, particularly a top law school, is no easy feat. How can you maximize your chances of success?   1. Take a rigorous courseload. A demanding courseload shows admissions officers that you’re prepared to handle the rigors of law school. Take courses that challenge you intellectually and help you develop the abilities […]

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Understanding the Stanford Law Application

A top-3 law school, a location in sunny California, and a beautiful campus in paradise – it’s no wonder why Stanford Law School (SLS) is many aspiring law students’ dream school! For the 2016 calendar year, 3,821 students applied for full-time spots at Stanford, of which 11% were admitted. Each year, Stanford welcomes 180 students […]

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Law School Numbers: Rankings for Top Law Schools

It’s no secret that law school admissions are a very numbers-driven process. And the most important law school numbers: your combined LSAT score and GPA make up key pieces of your application, and carry great weight during the review process.   The Importance of LSAT Numbers Out of all of your application pieces, the LSAT […]

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The Most Important LSAT Test Dates

Thinking of going to law school in 2017, 2018, 2019? It’s time to start planning out your study schedule and finalizing your LSAT dates! Upcoming LSAT Dates Thinking of going to law school even later on down the road? Now’s still a great time to prioritize your studies and position yourself to get a head […]

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When and How Can I Check My LSAT Scores?

LSAC’s Official Score Release Timeline About a month after your LSAT test date, LSAC will release your score to you. Keep in mind that while the LSAC publishes official score release dates, those dates are approximate. For some reason, LSAC has a habit of releasing scores a few days in advance of the published date. […]

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Which LSAT Test Date is Best for Me?

Figuring out when to take the LSAT is one of the most important things you can do for your study plan. Identifying your test date is key to having a defined study timeframe and getting motivated to start studying. The LSAT is offered four times a year: in February, June, September/October, and December. You can […]

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