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Is a Robot Going to Take Your First Law Job?

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Until recently, law has been considered pretty safe from automation. Shifting through legal documents has been tedious, but computers couldn’t take over the legal reasoning that only humans could do. However, this isn’t the case anymore! Artificial intelligence, or AI, is quickly becoming a viable option for legal tasks. So how does this affect you? Most first law jobs, (which some people take as they’re figuring if they want to go to law school) include legal assistant or paralegal, file clerk, and document coder. These jobs provide really valuable experience and insight into the legal field. So what effect will AI for law have on the availability of these jobs? Let’s explore what’s in store for the future.

AI for Law Can Replace Legal Assistants

Have you heard of Ross? Ross is the first artificially intelligent program actually “hired” by a law firm to help with legal research. In 2016, BakerHostetler signed on the IBM Watson-based AI to be a part of its bankruptcy department.

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Ross can answer questions, stay on top of court decisions that can affect your case, and even present only the most relevant results. Unlike search engines like Google, the artificially intelligent system can determine which answers are the most useful and important to you.

AI for Discovery

Lots of money goes into document review as a part of the “discovery” (providing documents relevant to a lawsuit) process. During the early stages of a case, attorneys scan potentially thousands of documents to quickly determine which are relevant. Document review is a common job for recent law school graduates as they’re awaiting bar exam results. While document review jobs are definitely not most people’s favorite, a lot of new grads do rely on them before their careers get off the ground.

Software can already handle discovery by sifting through thousands of documents with certain keywords. But artificial intelligence will push the boundaries even further. AI for law will get better and better at identifying concepts and analyzing documents. And that doesn’t bode too well for those document review positions.

What Does AI For Law Mean For You?

In sum, even though artificial intelligence will soon be smart enough to do some legal work, it will likely never replace all humans. The technology will just shift the work that people do. Your tasks will likely go from mind-numbing to more interpersonal and higher level. Also, there will be more opportunities for those who know how to control AI. So don’t fear the future’s changes. Be aware, adapt, and thrive!

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