5 Toughest Obstacles to LSAT Success

obstacles to lsat success

Hey, we’re all rooting for you to do excellently on the LSAT. In an ideal world, you’d have all the time, resources, and motivation you’d need to do well. But of course, we live in the real world. Sometimes, things come up. But it does help to be prepared. To do that, take a look at the five toughest obstacles to LSAT success.

1. Busy Schedule

If you’re studying for the LSAT, you’re most likely a student or a worker. And if you’re a student, you’ll be busy with your course load and social life. Or, if you’re out of school, you might be working full or part-time. Finally, if you’re even further out from school, you might have a family to care for. In all cases, the demands of everyday life can get in the way of your LSAT focus.

How to solve it:

Be creative with the time that you do get to study. If your commute is on the train, read and try to do a section there. Bring your materials to your lunch break. Or if you only have time at night, find a quiet space. Finally, negotiate a peaceful “you time” with your family. It’s a time when you might not be expected to take care of things in the house.

2. Unclear Goals

If you begin your LSAT journey with a vague goal of scoring “well,” you might set yourself up for failure. A lack of direction for your overall plan is one of the many obstacles to LSAT success.

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How to solve it:

It’s a good expectation that every time you sit down to study, you know what you want to accomplish. Take a look at setting appropriate LSAT goals.

3. Overly Aggressive Timing

It can be very difficult to do well if you’ve only given yourself two weeks to prepare for the LSAT! Some students under-estimate the amount of time they’ll need to study.

How to solve it:

Take a look at developing a pacing strategy.

4. Lack of Motivation

We all can lose perspective and motivation sometimes. It’s easy to get caught up in a work routine and suddenly forget what it’s all for. If you find yourself wondering why you’re doing this, it’s important to catch yourself.

How to solve it:

Explore our tips on avoiding LSAT burnout and keep physical reminders of why you want to become a lawyer. Remember what inspired you to take your first steps, and try not to forget it.

5. No Support Circle

It’s tough when you find yourself working hard without an encouraging word. Or may be your friends and family don’t approve of your career goals. Don’t let a lack of support be the end of your LSAT journey.

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How to solve it:

Find some like-minded friends at online forums like the LSAT Reddit. There might even be an LSAT meetup group in your area. The more people you can talk to, the better you might feel about your challenges.

Now that you know the top five obstacles to LSAT success, I hope you can either avoid them or solve them quickly. Good luck!

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