5 Best Last-Minute LSAT Resources

5 Best Last-Minute LSAT Resources

Is the clock ticking down to your final testing hour? If you’re quickly approaching the all important LSAT date, you’ll want to be sure that your prep is complete. But with all of the material out there, how can you be sure you’re using the right ones? Take a look at our five best last-minute LSAT resources to get you to a better score!


Flashcards are a wonderful resource when you need to prepare at the last-minute. There are plenty of pre-made cards available in addition to your own. When time is running out, it’s a good idea to reinforce the basics. Working fast on test-day depends on your comfort of the fundamentals. You can visit sites like to play games that not only help you review material, but also have fun doing it!

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Logic Game Sections

Logic games never get old! One of the best ways you can prepare at the last minute is to get in the groove with games, especially as a way to warm-up. When you sit down for the test, you’ll want to be comfortable that you know what to do in at least most situations. Ideally, you’ll want to be prepared for all game types, whether it’s sequencing, grouping, or matching.

Full LSAT Tests

Before you take the LSAT, it’s important to be sure you’ve developed the stamina to take the entire test, plus the writing section. It’s also helpful to deal with the authentic test. You can get full length digital tests here from the LSAC (there are two free tests, PrepTest 71 and PrepTest 73, available with a free plan).

Magoosh subscriptions also give you access to LSAC Official Prep Plus, so you can practice with official LSAT test questions at no extra charge. We also provide a free full-length official LSAT Practice Test (the June 2007 test) with complete video explanations for every question.

So if time is running out and you haven’t taken a full-length prep-test under realistic conditions, now’s the time!

Practice with official LSAT questions. Start your online LSAT prep with Magoosh today. Start a free trial

Your Best LSAT Notes

No one understands your mind more than you. So when it comes to preparing for test day, no course or resource can address all of your study needs exactly. Hopefully, throughout the course of your preparations, you’ve been keeping an error log and have been reflecting on your wrong answers and what to do the next time.

Test Day Illustrations

Right here on the Magoosh LSAT Blog, you’ll find a ton of posts dedicated to preparing you for what to expect on test day. If it’s the last minute, you’ll definitely want to feel prepared for how things will work on the big day. If you’re confused about procedures, what to bring, and where to go, you might be very flustered. If you’re uneasy by the time you sit down, you most likely won’t perform as well as you could have. So save yourself a headache! Cap off your last minute prep by reviewing and visualizing test day. Check out the LSAC’s official guide to the day of the test!


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