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Getting Familiar with the Digital LSAT Format

Getting Familiar with the Digital LSAT Format -magoosh

As you may have heard, the LSAT will be completely digital starting in September 2019. If you’re planning to take the exam any time after summer 2019, you’ll need to learn about the digital LSAT format as part of your studying. Lucky for you, the Law School Admissions Council has put together a tool to help you see what the digital LSAT will be like.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of this new tool and how best to use it.

Why You Need to Get Familiar with the Digital LSAT Format

To do well on the LSAT, you need to practice questions in the exact format that you will see them in on test day. You do not want the day of the LSAT—the day you need to get your highest score possible—to be the first time you see the digital LSAT. I promise, you don’t want any surprises on test day!

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Most LSAT prep books and resources only offer pencil-and-paper formats for practicing LSAT questions. Since you want your test day experience to be as close as possible to the real deal, spend the bulk of your timed practice and practice tests using a digital format, like Magoosh’s online practice questions and the LSAC’s digital familiarization tool.

How to Use the LSAC’s Digital LSAT Familiarization Tool

Now that you’re know why you need to practice using the Digital LSAT prep tool provided by LSAC, let’s look at what exactly you can do with the tool. First, start by watching the video tutorials. There are two videos on how to answer multiple choice and reading comprehension questions, and one on how to set screen preferences, like font size and line spacing.

I’ll admit these videos are a bit boring (well, a lot boring), but they are definitely worth your time. Remember, you don’t want to waste any precious minutes on test day figuring out how to work the digital LSAT program. Spend an hour now and learn everything you can about the new format. Then use those extra minutes on test day to get more points!

Once you’ve watched the tutorials, set aside some time and work through a few of the online practice tests. These tests aren’t scored for you, but you can go back through at the end of each section and review the right answer. Be sure to spend time understanding why you got an answer wrong, so you don’t make the same mistake on test day.

Taking full-length practice tests is a critical part of your LSAT prep, so make sure to incorporate these digital versions as part of your overall LSAT study plan. However, since these tests aren’t scored, you should also take the paper LSAT practice test offered by LSAC, which includes instructions for getting your score.

Get Acquainted with LSAT Writing Tool

AS part of the change to a digital exam, the writing sample will no longer be a part of the LSAT exam day. Instead, test takers will take the writing section of the exam on their own time on their own computer or tablet.

To help LSAT students be prepared for this section of the exam, the LSAC created the “Get Acquainted With LSAT Writing” tool. This option, available through your LSAC account once you’ve registered for an exam, utilizes the same proctoring software as the actual exam.

To ensure you do your best on the writing sample, make sure to take the time ahead of the actual exam and review this tool. Get familiar with the instructions and the layout of the software. You want your focus to be on writing the best sample ever, not on understanding the software, so get your digital LSAT practice in ASAP. The writing sample is an important part of your law school application, so spend time getting familiar with the new format!


The digital LSAT is coming and you should be as prepared as possible for the new format. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the new digital format through the tool provided by LSAC and practice answering questions and completing full exams in the online format. By test day, you’ll be ready to crush the digital LSAT!

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