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Taking the April LSAT in 2020? Here’s What You Need to Know.

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If you’re thinking about signing up for the April LSAT, we’ve got everything you need to know right here. Read on to learn about important registration deadlines and how best to prep for the April exam.

April 2020 LSAT Dates and Deadlines

The April 2020 LSAT is too late in the cycle to apply for admission in Fall 2020, but it’s a great time to take the exam for the 2021 admission cycle. It’s early enough in the application process that you can retest if needed, or if you get the score you want on the first try, then you’ll have lots of time to get the rest of your application ready.

Let’s start with the most important date: the test will be administered on Saturday, April 25th at 8:30am. (If you’re not a morning person, consider one of the other test dates with an afternoon start time!)

If that date works for your schedule, and you’ll have at least 3 months to dedicate to studying, then keep reading to find out all the crucial deadlines.

Registration Deadlines

  • March 3, 2020 Non-published test center registration deadline.
  • March 10, 2020 – Regular registration and accommodation request deadline.
  • April 7, 2020 – Photo upload deadline for regular administration.

Be sure to ready early because there is limited seating at many of the test center locations. Make sure you get the test center you want.

April 2020 LSAT Cancellation Deadlines

After you register, you can still change your test center location or test date. You can also cancel your registration, or, if you miss the cancellation deadline, you can withdraw your registration.

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  • March 31, 2020 – Deadline to change your test date, your location, or cancel your registration without losing your entire registration fee.
  • April 24, 2020 – Deadline to withdraw your registration completely. You will not be able to receive a refund at this point or use the fee towards another test date.

Note: to change your test date, or your test center, you will have to pay an additional $125.00. And even if you cancel by April 24, you will only receive a partial refund of your registration fee.

April 2020 LSAT Score Release Dates

Everyone gets their scores back in the mail, and it usually takes about a month. Alternatively, you can also opt in to get your scores back via email, and you’ll receive your scores about a week earlier. And who doesn’t want to get their scores back quicker?

You will get an email of your score if you create an online account with LSAC, so I’d recommend setting up an online account. And as an added bonus, you can also use this account to send your scores to law schools.

For the April 2020 LSAT, the score release dates haven’t been published yet, but we’ll post them here as soon as they’re available. So be sure to check back soon!

Tips and Pointers for the April 2020 LSAT

1. Take and score a practice test.

Great news! Magoosh has official LSAT questions and you can take an LSAT practice test through our LSAT prep.

Purchase a copy of 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests Volume VI and take a real LSAT exam from a recent year. Find a quiet place and take the practice test in one sitting (including the writing sample). And don’t forget to time yourself strictly—it’s crucial to accurately assess your starting point.

Use the answer keys and conversion tables in your book to determine your score. More importantly, look at how many questions you missed in each section to help you figure out your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing these is critical to structuring your LSAT prep.

2. Determine your goal score.

If you don’t already know your goal LSAT score, start researching schools to learn what score you’ll need to be competitive. If you’re considering top 100 schools, you’ll need a really good LSAT score and a very solid application.

3. Build a study plan.

The final step is to estimate how long it will take you to get from your current score to your goal score. For most people, that’s somewhere in the range of 2-6 months, with the average being around 3 months.

So, if you need to increase your score by less than 10 points, you’re in great shape. However, if you’re trying to improve by more than 10 points in two months, you have a real challenge ahead of you. Consider postponing to the June or July LSAT to give yourself a few more months to prepare.

Top LSAT Tips

Here are three of our favorite tips and strategies, whether you are just beginning your prep or are perfecting those LSAT skills:

  • 10 LSAT Study Tips You Should Know Before You Test
  • Top Five Ways to Improve Your LSAT Score
  • LSAT Logic Games: Complete Guide
  • Takeaway

    Take the time now to decide if the April 2020 LSAT is right for you by:

    • Determining your starting LSAT score based on a practice test;
    • Setting your goal score based on your target law schools; and
    • Establishing how much time you need, and how much time you actually have, to dedicate to LSAT prep.

    Once you go through these steps, you’ll feel confident making your decision on which LSAT test date is right for you.

    Whenever you decide to take the LSAT, remember the key to getting your best score on the LSAT is making sure you have sufficient time to prepare.

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