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Should I take the GRE for Harvard Law?

gre harvard law

By this point, you’ve probably heard the major news that Harvard Law School announced last week that it will begin accepting GRE scores beginning in the fall of 2017. They made the decision based on a study that found that the GRE and LSAT equally predicted first-year grades. Pretty exciting stuff, isn’t it?

At this point, you’re probably wondering whether or not you should take the GRE for Harvard Law. The short answer is: it depends.


Here at Magoosh, we’re excited about what this will mean for LSAT admissions. While the University of Arizona is the only other school accepting GRE scores for law school admissions at this time, other schools will likely follow suit now that Harvard is on board. We think this could broaden options for law school applicants.

By naming the GRE as a valid law school assessment, Harvard is also paving the way for a wider base of students to have a chance to be competitive for one of the country’s most prestigious law schools.

GRE, LSAT, or Both?

To learn more about the GRE, check out What is the GRE Exam and GRE for Law School: Is It Right for You. Since Harvard is only the second law school in the entire country to make this shift, you’ll still need to take the LSAT to apply to all other law schools.

However, you may want to consider taking the GRE this year in addition to the LSAT for the following reasons:

  • If you’re considering either Harvard Law or University of Arizona.
  • If you score more competitively on the GRE than the LSAT.

Be sure to check back with us—we’ll update this post as we learn more about this exciting news and the impact it has on admissions! Best of luck with the rest of your law school admissions journey!

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