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How to Get Faster at Logical Reasoning

How to Get Faster at Logical Reasoning

Most of the difficulty on the LSAT springs not only from the questions, but the fact that your time is so limited. Thirty-five minutes is either not enough time or just enough time to completely answer the 24-26 questions you’ll find on the Logical Reasoning section. So half the battle in improving your score will be managing your time! If you’re ready to learn how to get faster at Logical Reasoning, read on!

Get Faster at Logical Reasoning: Prepare the Basics

Let’s make sure your foundation is set. The very first step is to make sure you’re timing yourself consistently during practice tests. It takes a good amount of practice to get a feel for how diligently and quickly you should be working through the questions. And on the official test day, remember to bring your own watch. Don’t rely on the proctors for your five-minute warning, and don’t trust that your testing room will have a wall clock!

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Know Your Pacing Strategy

One way to shave off some time is to know exactly what your pacing strategy is. What is your goal score, and how many questions will you need to answer to get there? Is Logical Reasoning your strongest or weakest section? If it’s your strongest, you’ll want to answer as many questions as possible. This is to compensate for the questions you’ll miss in other sections.

Ultimately, if you’re clear on what your goals are, you’ll be able to move with more purpose and a clearer focus. And, of course, clearer focus means you’ll progress more quickly.

Practice Diagramming Everyday

You might lose a lot of time if your diagramming foundations are shaky. Difficult questions on the Logical Reasoning section will often use paraphrasing to confuse you about conditional chains. Be ready to summarize terms efficiently using initials and to recognize contrapositives. That way you’ll be less likely to get confused on these tricky questions.

Avoid Getting Stuck

A lot of time can be lost if you get stuck on difficult questions. You might be on a roll until you get stuck on one confusing question, and this might throw off your timing completely. To avoid these traps, practice this strategy: trust your gut when you initially choose an answer. More often than not, if you aren’t sure about an answer, but your intuition hints at one, you should go with it. The more you fight your intuition, the more like you’ll be to change a correct answer to a wrong one. Instead, choose what your gut tells your first, then flag the question to return to. And, if you have time by the end of the section, re-examine that question and your answer choice.

By trusting yourself a bit more, you’ll be able to focus on the questions you can answer confidently and move more quickly through the section.

If Things Don’t Work — Change Them!

At the end of the day, if you consistently time yourself but aren’t seeing progress, something might not be working for you. Remember to track your progress, including your timing. Be open to shifting your strategy and goals if you’ve been at a plateau for a long time. With these tips, you should be on your way to a faster Logical Reasoning performance in no time!

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