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Where Can I Take a Free LSAT Practice Test?

If you’re looking for a high quality, full length, free LSAT practice test, there is no better place to start than the LSAC website. LSAC offers a free sample test online that is an authentic LSAT administered in June 2007. The online version includes:

  • an introduction to LSAT practice tests,
  • general directions for the LSAT answer sheet,
  • the 4 scored exam sections,
  • a Writing Sample topic and directions,
  • an answer key, and
  • a guide to computing your LSAT score.

Note: there are two versions of this practice test offered by LSAC. If you follow the link above, you’ll be taken to an online version with identical content to the original exam, but formatted for easier use online. If you prefer a printable PDF of the exam featuring its original formatting, click here.

Is the free LSAT practice test online a copy of one in the Actual, Official PrepTests series?


As you may know, LSAC discloses (meaning, makes public) three of its four annual LSATs (the June, Sept/Oct, and Dec exams), and most of those eventually make it into one of the Actual, Official PrepTests books that are sold in stores and online. However, some of these published exams are never included in the books and are instead only sold separately as individual PrepTests. You can purchase those individual PrepTests as well, but they are typically only found online (the LSAC store and Amazon are great places to look).

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The online sample test was administered in between PrepTests 51 (December 2006) and 52 (September 2007), but despite being a June administration, it was not made available for public purchase. Instead, it was reserved specifically for use as an online test. This is probably because 2007 was the first year that Comparative Reading was included in the Reading Comprehension section, and so LSAT decided to make the first disclosed LSAT containing the new passage format available for free.

What if you want your free LSAT practice test to be proctored?

A number of companies offer initial, free LSAT practice tests to get students in the door. These are typically proctored events, meaning you have to register in advance for a specific time and location. There are two benefits to sponsored events like these: first, they can mimic test day conditions more closely than you can on your own; and second, you will probably receive a detailed score report which will help you break down your score and understand your strengths and weaknesses. That can be a valuable tool for getting your prep off to the right start.

To find one of these events, just Google “free, proctored LSAT practice test in [your city/region].” Before signing up, however, make sure that you aren’t agreeing to purchase any product after the test. Also, make sure that the test you’ll be given is an authentic LSAT PrepTest and not a test written by the company sponsoring the event. Such imitations may or may not be good quality, but there’s no way of knowing that in advance. Don’t risk it; stick with the real deal. And know what you’re getting yourself into so you don’t make conflicting dinner plans that day: read our blog post about how long the LSAT is to plan ahead.

If you’ve already taken the online sample test at…

Then you should probably commit to spending about $25 to buy a recent volume of the Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests series. Each volume contains 10 authentic, full-length LSATs, which is more than enough if you save them all exclusively as practice tests.

If $25 is out of your budget, you can also buy individual PrepTests online for less than $10 each. However, if you plan on eventually ordering more than one of these, they quickly add up to more than the cost of the aforementioned books.

Can I just take the free LSAT practice tests offered by various prep companies?

Absolutely! The problem is, you’ll just end up taking the June 2007 LSAT over and over again. The vast majority of prep companies or websites that offer a free LSAT practice test are offering that specific exam. Why? Because prep companies have to either license authentic material from LSAC or create their own material, which is costly and may not be as high quality. The easiest solution is to simply use the free, authentic exam provided by LSAC, and so that’s what they do.

If you’re wondering whether a particular company’s free LSAT practice test is, in fact, the June 2007 exam, look for the date on the test or look for the code 8LSN75. If you see neither of those, just ask!

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