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What is an LSAT Wiki?

We all know Wikipedia – the online encyclopedia that anyone can contribute to and edit. An LSAT Wiki is a database that similarly allows users to contribute and edit content relating to the LSAT. If you’re looking for ways to help improve your core abilities in logical reasoning, logic games, or reading comprehension, it could be worth looking into an LSAT Wiki.
You can think of an LSAT Wiki as a virtual study group. Even if you aren’t able to find friends who are taking the LSAT with you, the Wiki is a great way to share information and study tips with a network of other people committed to performing well on the test.
Check out examples here: LSAT Wiki, LSAT Help, and LSAT Prep Guide. You can even find info about test centers if you take a look at LSAT Test Center Wiki.

The LSAT Wiki as a test prep supplement

An LSAT Wiki can be a valuable supplement to any LSAT test prep materials you already have. Oftentimes, the people who take the time to write Wiki content are test experts – people who have taken the LSAT, earned great scores, and are interested in paying that knowledge and insight forward to students like you.
An LSAT Wiki could have posts about upcoming test dates, question types, strategies, timing and guessing advice, and study tips.

The value of contributing to an LSAT Wiki

We recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to contribute or add to an LSAT Wiki! Not only can you help build up a more useful database for future test-takers, but putting tips and strategies in writing will help you remember them better, too.
In order to explain a difficult concept to an online audience, you’ll likely need to put things in simpler terms that will help clarify things for you, as well.

What won’t you find in an LSAT Wiki?

The one thing that you won’t find on an LSAT Wiki is real test prep questions. While contributors are free to add test questions they’ve come up with themselves, real test prep questions are copyrighted and owned by LSAC.
If you’re looking for practice with official LSAC questions, you’ll want to check out this post to learn where you can find a free test, or purchase LSAC tests here.

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