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What do Evaluate the Conclusion Questions look like?

Evaluate the Conclusion questions ask you to determine what information would be necessary in order to determine the accuracy of a conclusion. The answer choices will pose different questions, the answer to which may or may not affect the conclusion. The correct answer will present a question to which you must know the answer in order to decide whether you agree with the conclusion.

Check out the post LSAT Logical Reasoning Evaluate the Conclusion Questions for a more detailed overview of this question type and how to approach it, or visit our Logical Reasoning Library for tons of information on this section of the exam.

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Below is a list of some of the common ways in which an Evaluate the Conclusion question can be phrased. If you’ve seen one that isn’t on this list, please leave it in a comment so we can include it.

  • Which one of the following would be most useful to know in order to evaluate the logic of the argument above?
  • The answer to which of the following questions would most assist in the evaluation of [some person]’s argument?
  • Which one of the following considerations is LEAST helpful in determining the validity of the claim made by [someone in the argument]?

Most Evaluate the Conclusion questions will have some form of “evaluate” in them, but not all of them. The last example above is from a question that requires you to find an answer choice that does not affect the argument. Check out the Guide to EXCEPT and LEAST Questions in LSAT Logical Reasoning for more on this. With Evaluate the Conclusion questions, keep in mind that you are not being asked to make an evaluation; instead, you’re merely being asked to identify a question you would need to answer before making that evaluation.

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