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What are the Best LSAT Practice Tests?

This is an easy one: the best LSAT practice tests available are the official PrepTests released by LSAC.

All of the official LSAT PrepTests are real LSATs that have actually been administered in the past. That means that the questions you see and the score conversion table you use will be identical to those of the students who took the official administration. In other words, you’ll get the most accurate testing experience and score prediction possible.

The official LSAT PrepTests each include a number of helpful features.

  • Introduction to the LSAT
  • Overview of scoring, multiple choice section types, and the Writing Sample
  • Instructions on how to take the practice test under simulated LSAT conditions
  • Answer sheet
  • Full exam (including a Writing Sample topic and response sheet)
  • Instructions on how to compute your score
  • Answer key

There are a total of 77 numbered PrepTests available on the market. At’s online shop or Amazon, you can buy the official PrepTests individually or in compilations. If you choose to buy them individually, there are two options: paper-based test booklets that cost $8-10 each and will be mailed to you, or eBooks that cost $5.99 and are compatible with Kindle, Nook, iTunes, or Kobo.

Personally, I recommend springing for the paper-based test booklets if you plan to use them as full-length practice tests. That way, you can simulate actual test day conditions and you will have a record of the work you did right next to the questions. Of course, if you travel a lot or plan to use these for individual question or section practice, then you might find that the eBooks suit your needs just fine.

Alternatively, you can save a lot of money by purchasing one or more volumes of the Actual, Official PrepTests series. Each volume costs about $25 and contains 10 of the PrepTests. These are a particularly nice way to get ahold of the older tests, which are no longer available for individual purchase through LSAC (but can be found through a quick online search).

Why not use other companies’ products for practice tests?

There are lots of LSAT prep companies out there who offer great quality practice materials of their own, including Magoosh! However, nothing beats the real thing when it comes to assessing your progress. Even if a practice test developed by a third party perfectly matches a real LSAT in terms of difficulty and question design, the scaling won’t be as accurate. LSAC has the benefit of seeing over 100,000 scores each year, and it can thus build exceptionally precise scoring curves for each of its exams. Even the biggest prep companies out there will only see a fraction of that many test-takers each year, and so the score you get from their practice test will be a less precise indicator of your actual performance.

Reserve third party materials for drilling specific question types, practicing section pacing, or doing untimed practice. Then, when you think you’re ready to put your newly developed skills to work, pull out an official LSAT PrepTest for your practice test.

Happy studying and good luck on those practice tests!

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