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Top 5 Strategies for LSAT Flashcards

Top 5 Strategies for LSAT Flashcards

Flashcards are a classic and effective study tool for the LSAT. No matter what form they take, whether on old-school index cards or digital, they offer a convenient way to study. They’re especially useful when studying LSAT vocabulary. Let’s take a look at the top 10 strategies for LSAT flashcards.

1. Focus on the Fundamentals

Your main strategy when it comes to LSAT flashcards is to study what you aren’t comfortable with until you are very comfortable. Start with the basics of LSAT knowledge on your LSAT flashcards. LSAT vocabulary words are a great topic to begin with. For example, the front of your first card can be “‘If’ talks about the ______ condition.” The answer would be “sufficient.” From there, move on to more difficult ideas.

2. Don’t Study the Same LSAT Flashcards Forever

Think about this strategy–once you have answered a flashcard question correctly 3 times without problems, feeling very confident about your answer, you can put that card aside. This also means, you should move on once you’ve really learned the card material and make new cards with more difficulty. Don’t spend too much time on easy cards.

3. Carry Your Flashcards with you Everywhere You Go

A great strategy to use your LSAT flashcards is to take advantage of every spare moment of time. If you spend time commuting on a train, bus, or carpool, why not use that extra time to review? If you are diligent about carrying the cards with you everywhere, you will move through your stack more quickly and build your knowledge more efficiently.

4. Don’t Overcomplicate Your LSAT Flashcards

Avoid trying to cover very complicated ideas. If you write too much information on one card, you won’t be able to focus on each idea you need to know. If you try to quiz yourself on 10 concepts on just one card, you might feel overwhelmed and confused. In the end, if you don’t take your studying step by step, and if you’re too hard on yourself, you might give up. Try to be realistic and keep the concepts simple. As you master each concept on a card, you can move on to the next.

5. Take Advantage of Digital Flashcards

It’s a great idea to be creative with flashcards! Index cards can take time to write by hand, but with sites like or, you can make your LSAT flashcards online! A great bonus is that lets you turn your cards into really fun games! Motivate yourself and keep studying fun.

With these top five strategies, combined with lessons from Magoosh Online LSAT Prep, you can reach your LSAT score goals!

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