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Most Common Logical Reasoning Question Types

The table below displays the various types of Logical Reasoning questions, ranked by how frequently they appear on the exam. The number in the “Frequency” column represents how many questions of that type appear in the official LSAT PrepTests. Thus far, the list includes 55 real exams administrated over the past 15 to 20 years.

The numbers show that the vast majority of Logical Reasoning questions on the LSAT are either Assumption, Flaw, or Inference questions. Those three types combined historically represent about 40% of all Logical Reasoning questions. If you add in Strengthen, Weaken, Paradox, and Principle questions, you’ve accounted for over 75% of the questions on the exam. The remaining 25% covers the rest of the question types, including very rare types like Point of Agreement or Parallel Principle questions (I only included question types that have appeared at least ten times in released LSATs).

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For those of you who are shooting for scores above 165, you probably want to give careful attention to even the less common question types, as you’ll need to answer at least 85% of the questions correctly to reach your goal. However, if you’re shooting to raise your score from a 150 to a 160, I encourage you to focus on question types that will give you the greatest returns for your effort. If you’re struggling with Evaluate the Conclusion questions (which many people do), keep in mind that most Logical Reasoning sections don’t even have one. In fact, only one Evaluate the Conclusion question appears in every four Logical Reasoning sections, on average. That means there’s a 50% chance you’ll have one on your exam. Mastering this question type should therefore be a low priority. Assumption questions, on the other hand…

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Question TypeFrequency
Principle (Answers)167
Method of Argument129
Main Idea111
Parallel Flaw111
Role of Statement99
Parallel Reasoning92
Point of Contention73
Principle (Stimulus)64
Evaluate the Conclusion26


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