Where to Find Resonance Study Material for JEE

Resonance has been providing excellent services related to the JEE for a long time. Resonance might not have given the top ranks always, but it always gives decent results. It believes in providing quality to students in all aspects of teaching, study material, tests etc. Resonance study material for JEE is very popular among aspirants since it has inclusions of all possible books needed.

The Resonance study material for JEE consists of topic-wise theory and question booklets, covering each topic of JEE. It also contains review packages, formula booklet, paper analysis books along with books having sample papers as well as past year’s question papers. Aspirants try extracting the Resonance study material for JEE from various sources. Here is a comprehensive list of ways to get it!

Enroll for Resonance DLPD or Classroom Program

By enrolling yourself as a student in any of their classroom programs, you are automatically eligible to get their entire study material. This option is only for those who are looking for a combination of good coaching and study material.

Those who want to do self-study or do not have Resonance study center near their location can also get the Resonance study material for JEE by opting for the DLPD program. This program is a bit costly but will include each and every book that Resonance provides as study material.

Finding sellers of the required packages on sites like OLX or Quikr

If you wish to avoid the expenses of a completely new study material, then you can look for second-hand material on the Internet.

OLX generally provides a lot of options when it comes to buying only a part of packages and not the entire set. Thus, you can choose the books you absolutely need and negotiate with the seller too. Here, you will be able to save money as well. However, the material will be a bit old and you might not get a full set even if you want it.

Find the areas where JEE coaching centers are concentrated

To get Resonance study material for JEE, you can once pay a visit to the areas of your city where JEE coaching centers are present in large numbers.

Generally, the photocopy shops and even the second-hand book sellers in these areas give photocopies of study materials from top coaching institutes. Since Resonance is one of them, you can easily find copies of Resonance material. Here too you can choose the packages whose copies you want. Also, again, finding the entire set might be a bit difficult here but most of the important books will be easily found.

Other ways to find the Resonance study material for JEE

You can look for seniors who are willing to sell their material at cheaper rates.

You can join JEE related groups on social networking sites. The students who clear JEE and no longer need their study material put it up for sale on such groups too. This might not be the most reliable way but definitely, helps in maximum cases.

Borrowing and getting photocopies from a friend is a best case scenario where your friend has the Resonance study material for JEE and is willing to share with you too.

Resonance study material for JEE is definitely a good choice. Thus, if you are looking for complete study material for JEE, you can opt for Resonance material and use the above methods to procure it.

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