What Are the Top 5 JEE Main College Predictors?

After taking the JEE Main exam and checking the predicted score and rank, the next step that should be taken by you is checking the list of possible colleges that you can get. Various JEE Main college predictors are used for this task and each one of them has some or the other distinctive feature. This is an important task since you would wish to know the possible backups that you have earned through JEE Main. This will help you in focusing on the upcoming exams in a better way. Here, we bring to you the details of some of the best JEE Main college predictors that you can use to gauge your options.

Careers360 JEE Main college predictor

Careers360 JEE Main college predictor stands on top of the list of the best JEE Main college predictors and has proved its mettle overtime. The following features of this college predictor make it unique and excellent:

  • A very interactive and engaging interface which is appealing to look at. Thus, it gives a good first impression to you.
  • It asks you to fill certain details and then shows you the results in the same page without sending you any spam messages or mails.
  • The list of predicted colleges is present in a very well organized manner.
  • Along with the predicted college and branch, this JEE Main college predictor gives you an estimate of your chances of getting that branch and college.
  • It also highlights the best matches according to the options you filled and the ratings that others have given. Thus, it also gives you an option to view college reviews given by others and also gives you an option of knowing more about the college by a simple click on the same screen.

These factors totally show the kind of comfort the Careers360 JEE Main college predictor offers. Apart from this, the college predictor gives relevant and nearly accurate results by gauging the previous year’s cutoffs. It is a widely used predictor and a really helpful one indeed.

However, few things — such as only 20 counts allowed for predicting with different ranks, asking for many details before college prediction, and not mentioning in which round the branch is possible — are the points which can be improved for making it even better. Over all, it is a great tool for aspirants.

Shiksha JEE Main college predictor

Shiksha JEE Main college predictor makes it to the second position on the list because of the convenience it offers, its relevance and on the overall information it gives you while you are looking for the perfect colleges suiting you and your rank.

  • The Shiksha JEE Main college predictor gives you a more comprehensive list of colleges.
  • This college predictor also shows the round in which you would be getting that college and even indicates the closing rank for that particular course.
  • It asks for lesser details and gives you results easily on the screen.
  • Unlimited attempts allowed!
  • It gives you an option of ‘add to compare’ to compare the colleges from your predicted list.

Shiksha JEE Main college predictor is just a little below the Careers360 JEE Main college predictor because it can be more relevant in terms of the list it put forwards and also by showing the best matches according to the general trend, ranking, and other such criteria.

Resonance JEE Main college predictor

The Resonance JEE Main college predictor could have made it to a higher rank if it provided a better user experience, since it is similar, or better at times, as compared to the other top college predictors when it comes to relevance.

This JEE Main college predictor:

  • Doesn’t display the results directly on the same screen and sends an email and a message consisting of a list containing somewhere around top 80 choices according to your rank.
  • Is really good in predicting colleges as it gives you some of the best option available at your rank.
  • After sending the result, it doesn’t further send spam mails and doesn’t ask for irrelevant details or for a login to use it.

A better idea would have been giving the chances of getting the particular college and also the round in which you could get it.

The Resonance JEE Main predictor is relevant! So if you don’t mind the little less user-friendly interface and prefer relevance in all conditions, then you can surely opt for it. Its relevance combined with the interactive interface of Careers360 JEE Main college predictor would be the best combination for any college predictor.

College Pravesh JEE Main college predictor

This is a rather simple JEE Main college predictor and is easy to use too. It lacks a few amazing features of showing best matches or giving college ratings, but definitely, gives you the predicted colleges along with the closing ranks without specifying the round to which it belongs. It doesn’t bother you with tedious details and displays the results in a moment on the same screen without asking you for a login or even your name for that matter.

However, its college prediction system is a relevant one and gives you a huge list of colleges, branches and closing ranks too. This is helpful in the most crucial task of choice filling as it shows you all the choices arranged according to closing rank. This gives you an idea of the general trend of the previous years too.

College Pravesh provides some excellent information about colleges and providing links to that information in this college prediction would be a great idea. The information that they provide consists of college rankings, cutoffs, placement scenario and even fee details. Thus, using this site for getting individual college information once you are done with college prediction would be a great idea!

AskIITians JEE Main college predictor

The AskIITians JEE Main college predictor makes it to the fifth spot on the list. This JEE Main college predictor:

  • Give you a short and condensed list of just 10 college options that you can get claiming them to be the 10 best choices that you can get at that branch.
  • Asks you for a bit more details as compared to other predictors and gives you the results directly on the same screen.
  • The results are relevant and serve as a good reference.
  • It mentions the state and city of the college and puts up the best possible branches that you can get there.

However, a bit more choices would have been a better idea as it helps in filling the preference list in a better way. Other than these factors, the list that it presents is relevant, and with a few more improvements this JEE Main college predictor can make it to the top of the list.

Final Words

While choosing the best JEE Main college predictor for yourself look for the following features:

  • Relevance
  • User-friendliness
  • Asking least details and giving immediate outputs
  • Giving you the probability of you getting that college and branch
  • Giving you links to the complete information of colleges in your list
  • Getting a list of colleges in increasing order of cutoffs of previous years so that it helps in choice filling

Predicting colleges will give you an idea of what options you have got. However, do not get disheartened if you couldn’t get what you wanted and try giving your best in the upcoming exams. For those of you who get the top NITs through your score, work more to achieve the ultimate aim and feel more confident since you have built a great backup option for yourself. During choice filling, definitely, make use of these college predictors to get a fair idea and for filling the choices without missing out any possibility that you like and that you could get. All the best!

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