The Most Important Chapters for JEE Mains Physics, Maths, and Chemistry

Since JEE Mains declares the season of engineering entrances open, it holds a special importance in the minds of all aspirants. A number of students start preparing for JEE Mains in the last few months and as a result of this, they need to know the important chapters for JEE Mains.

Predicting the most important chapters for JEE Mains is a tough task since the number of questions is more in it and because of the same, the probability of each chapter getting asked becomes higher. JEE Mains has a good mix of chapters each year and thirty questions are asked in each subject. Skipping out on the chapters is not advisable. Knowing a bit about all minor topics too is important. But to save yourself from the problems of leaving any very important chapter, I will discuss and highlight the most important chapters that you shouldn’t skip while preparing for JEE Mains.

Important chapters for JEE Mains: Physics

Physics contains a number of memory-based chapters towards the end of the course which are specific to JEE Mains only. Some of these chapters are namely, semiconductors, communication systems and modern physics. Students generally try skipping these chapters. Skipping these chapters completely isn’t advisable since it fetches easy marks and they are always asked in some or the other way in JEE Mains.

In case of a lack of time preparing them from summary sheet would help a lot. Here is a list and details of chapters that you should definitely not skip while preparing physics for JEE Mains:

  • Electrostatics: This chapter is a part of the syllabus of class 12th and is asked very frequently in JEE Mains. The number of questions asked from this chapter is also more in number comparatively.
  • Atoms and Nuclei: This chapter is almost the last chapter of the entire JEE syllabus and is considered to be boring by a lot of students. Since it is generally a JEE Mains specific topic, students tend to skip it. However, this topic is an important one and might have more than a single question. Also, it will fetch easy marks and thus, shouldn’t be skipped entirely.
  • Oscillations and Waves: This chapter is full of formulas and is also asked in an easy form in the exam. A little emphasis on it would fetch you some easy marks.
  • Current electricity: This chapter is pretty much analogous to electrostatics and is also taught in class 12th.

The above chapters were the most chapters of the lot. However, don’t skip chapters entirely for JEE Mains. But yes, you should be thorough and perfect with the above mentioned important chapters.

Important chapters for JEE Mains: Chemistry

Chemistry is full of topics which require complete mugging up of chapters. This makes students skip out on a lot of topics and sometimes even on the entire unit of inorganic chemistry.

In chemistry, organic, inorganic and physical chemistry all have the same weightage in the JEE Mains exam, but each of these have certain chapters which carry the maximum weightage as discussed below.

  • Organic compounds containing oxygen: This chapter contains in depth content on aldehydes and ketones. This topic is taught in class 12th and since it contains two important classes of compounds it has a greater weightage in JEE Mains. Named reactions are commonly asked from this chapter.
  • Ionic and chemical equilibrium: These chapters are important topics of physical chemistry. Doing their formulas and concepts thoroughly is much needed for JEE Mains.
  • Chemical bonding: This chapter is a part of inorganic chemistry and is taught in class 11th. It is an easier part of inorganic chemistry and while preparing this chapter you must refer to the NCERT too.
  • Thermodynamics and heat: Though this chapter is a part of both physics and chemistry it is a widely asked one since it has different conventions in both the subjects. Also if it is prepared one can attempt questions of it from both subjects with a basic idea of conventions used in each subject.
  • Coordination compounds: This topic is important for both JEE Mains and Advance. It is taught in class 12th and is widely asked in almost all engineering entrances.
  • Biomolecules and polymers: These topics require a lot of efforts in terms of learning each and every minute detail but these topics are very important for JEE Mains since they are always asked and can be answered directly with rote learning. Thus, these questions give marks with a minimum usage of time if one remembers these chapters.

These topics from chemistry are the most important ones. Chemistry should be done with utmost care as it is a very scoring subject and less time taking too. Also, many questions can be answered by just looking at the options in chemistry. Thus, try to leave out as less as possible in chemistry.

Important chapters for JEE Mains: Mathematics

Mathematics in JEE Mains is again a scoring portion but it is also the most lengthy portion. Mathematics thus, requires the maximum input in terms of practice and efforts. Therefore, knowing important chapter for JEE Mains mathematics is very essential.

  • Integration: This topic is taught as definite and indefinite integrals and is taught in class 12th. This chapter is used widely in physics too and is very important for JEE Mains.
  • Vector and 3D: These are the last two topics of the entire JEE Mains syllabus of mathematics. The questions from these are asked each year and that too in a larger number as compared to other topics.
  • Coordinate geometry: Straight lines and circles are those chapters of this unit that are very frequently asked. A little practice and complete concept understanding helps in doing well in all its questions.
  • Permutations and Combinations and Probability: These chapters are very much inter-related and the questions from them are the most interesting and logical ones. Questions from these chapters are asked frequently and require a lot of practice and concept application part.
  • Trigonometry: Questions from inverse trigonometry and trigonometric equations are important and also they fetch easy marks. Many times the answer can be reached by option checking and thus, due to its easy nature this unit must not be skipped.

Mathematics requires time and patience. Apart from these, there are many easy topics which can be prepared for getting good marks in lesser time. But yes, the above ones must not be skipped in any case.

In the above points, I discussed the most important topics for JEE Mains. To add to it, every subject in JEE Mains contains roughly 30 chapters. The questions asked per subject in JEE Mains is also 30. Thus, they can ask bits of each chapter. The best advice would be to be very thorough with the above-mentioned chapters and seeing through every other chapter too. In the worst case scenario, you should see summary sheets or formulas of each topic which you haven’t done properly.

It always happens that some topics are fixed and are asked always. The others are asked in rotation through various years. Thus, the best thing would be sitting down and analyzing the past 10 years papers at least to get a fair idea of the paper pattern and also to know the most important chapters for JEE.

Apart from this, it is never advisable to leave out the JEE Mains specific chapters, i.e. the ones that are not in the JEE Advance syllabus. The reason for the same is that they are bound to come and they also don’t require much effort. JEE Mains requires a lot of smart studies as it requires a good combination of speed and accuracy. Once the last month is approaching you should just focus on mock tests and revision in short ways. Every time you sit down for revision focus more on the above-mentioned important topics.
All the best!

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