The Importance of JEE Self Study

Hello. Hope you are doing well with your studies. There are a lot of essential things which must be kept in mind while preparing for the JEE–like reading authentic and reliable resources, solving many problems, giving a lot of mock tests, etc.

To Clear, or Not to Clear the Exam: What Is the Difference?

But these are things which almost every student preparing for the JEE does. Even those who are not so serious about it have all the commonly used books. The number of people appearing for test series is very high–but only a handful of students manage to clear this prestigious exam.

So, you have a handful of students who clear the exam, and a vast majority who don’t. Now, there must be something which differentiates these two categories of students. And here is where the idea of JEE self study arises. So let’s walk through the possible importance of self study for JEE preparation.

  1. It is generally observed that students are totally dependent on coaching institutes for all their JEE related issues, be it the completion of the syllabus, or taking mock tests, etc. It is rarely the case that these student even once revise what is taught in the coaching classes! You may be going to the best coaching centre in the city, but unless you take the initiative to solve the problems and read theory on your own, as well as figure out your strengths and weaknesses, there is no point in spending lakhs of rupees on coaching institutes. Until and unless you work yourself, things are not going to click.

  3. Coachings make only 10% contribution to any student’s selection in any of the competitive exams. 90% of the work has to be done by the student only. Think about the reason here. Coaching centers’ jobs are complete once they:
    • teach you the required concepts,
    • give you the required material and test papers, and
    • provide explanations to the questions in it.

    The real game starts after that. Unless you use the material properly or solve the following problems after the theory, the teacher cannot help you. He/she tries in every way to make the subject matter clear for you, but unless you study for yourself there won’t be much improvement.

    It would be like one-way traffic, where the teacher gives a lecture, you note it down, come back, throw away the notes, and repeat the cycle throughout your preparation. Only when your exams don’t go well do you realize that there were great flaws in your preparation. But by then it’s too late, and you are left with tears and confusion as to what went wrong.

  4. You may probably not realize this, but JEE preparation gives you the opportunity to learn to become dependent only upon yourself. You will come to know in later phases of life that it is solely up to you to get things done. Other people can do the work of pushing you an inch closer towards your goal and guide you–but the majority of the work has to be done by you.

    After you come to any college, your life will take a major turn. You will go through a complete transformation from a school goer to a free college student. This brings lots of freedom and thrills, encouraging you to try out everything in life! But what comes with it are a lot of responsibilities that can only be handled well if you are self-reliant. When you need it most, nobody is going to help you as everyone is competing in the same system. Thus, it is essential to learn this very important trait of self-reliance since it will help you later in life.

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  6. The major benefit of self study is that you get to know your level of preparedness. Students tend to avoid self study because they are afraid to discover their poor condition. They don’t really want to know how unprepared they may be, and they wonder what will happen if they can’t cover up how behind they are.

    But in the process, they don’t realize that they are not even trying. If students like this tried just once to figure out the truth regarding their present situation, they might be able to save themselves. They still have a chance to fix their study habits in even the smallest way possible–and that would gain them a huge edge over other competitors.

    Life is cruel, and you have to face reality someday. It may be bitter medicine, but take it to prevent further illness. In this scenario, the illness is poor performance in the exam. Why would you want to spoil it? Everyone among us is intelligent! All that is required is to use your intelligence, and prepare well. Part of properly preparing is being honest with yourself, and where you stand in your studies.

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  8. Lastly, JEE self study gives you the confidence to face the competition without fear. Had you been totally dependent on someone throughout your preparation, you would have a sense of fear that without him/her you would not be able to perform well in the exam. The worst scenario would be your fear coming true! If you didn’t do anything on your own during preparation, and how can you expect to get the fruits of someone else’s hard work?

    On the other hand, if you sincerely studied on your own after your coaching classes you would be in a great position. If you were sure to solve lots of problems on your own which weren’t covered in your coaching sessions, and sincerely gave and analyzed tests–then you would almost surely reap the results of your hard work.

What Can Be Learned from Failure Stories?

A piece of advice, if possible try to get to know the failure stories of people. We are fascinated by reading success stories, hoping that we will achieve the same. But how often do we try to learn the reasons why people failed? A small search for “failure stories” reveals that the main reason students didn’t crack the exam was the infinite time they wasted after coaching classes. Instead of re-reading the content taught and solving problems, they engaged in totally useless activities, assuming that coaching class was enough for the day.

Remember, you are still better than those who have wasted an attempt on the exam. A chance lost is lost. I don’t mean to criticize someone if they failed to qualify an exam. This is perfectly alright as long as you figure out the reason behind the mishap. And the earlier you find the reason the better it is for you.

So, my dear friend, you still have a lot of time left. If you haven’t been studying on your own, do start doing it right now. Devote a certain amount of time after your school and coaching classes for self-enrichment, that is–reading the text covered so far and determining the areas which are not clear to you. The earlier you inculcate this practice into your routine, the better your chances will be to crack the JEE!

Cheers and All the best!

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2 Responses to The Importance of JEE Self Study

  1. Bharath Krishna A June 6, 2019 at 4:54 pm #

    Thank your sir for your inspiration . I am also a jee aspirant , currently I’m in plus one . I looking to crack it without any help from coaching centres.Your words have helped me very much.

    • Magoosh Test Prep Expert
      Magoosh Test Prep Expert June 10, 2019 at 2:40 am #

      We’re glad that we can help, Bharath! Best of luck with your studies. 🙂

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