Should I Take a Drop Year for JEE?

JEE gives everyone the freedom of attempting it twice, but the decision of giving it the second time is not an easy choice to make. The second attempt is aptly called the ‘drop year for JEE’ since it requires you to skip college for a year and prepare solely for JEE without school or any other responsibility.

The drop year for JEE costs the usage of an entire year for JEE only and thus comes with a fair amount of risk. These risk factors combined with several other factors make it a tough choice for a student. Here I will discuss the various points that you must consider and think about before finalizing upon your decision of taking a year drop for JEE.

Make a list of all the possible problems that brought down your first attempt performance

Knowing your weaknesses is the first step towards deciding your further course of action. There can be many possible reasons but they can be broadly classified into the following categories:

  • Concepts not clear
  • Enough practice not done
  • Prepared only for boards
  • Missed JEE by a small margin due to silly mistakes
  • Lacked motivation(including distractions)
  • Sickness and other such reasons

Lack of motivation is the only thing to be worried about. All other factors can be improved upon by due effort and practice, but motivation needs to be cultivated right before taking the decision of taking a drop year for JEE. If you feel you are totally ready to give up on all sorts of distractions for the entire year and stay focused and motivated, then only go for a drop else don’t take the risk of wasting a year again. Thus, analyzing your situation is a major step for all decisions regarding the drop year for JEE.

Discuss and know your parents’ views on the topic

You should definitely take into account your parents’ views on your decision as they are the ones who will be supporting you throughout the year. In case they are not supportive of your decision then you should definitely convince them by showing them your dedication towards your goal. You need to have them with you. Also, in case they are able to give you solid reasons and you are not very confident about taking a drop year for JEE then don’t go ahead with your decision.

Weigh all your options

You should see and weigh all the options available to you. If there are some decent colleges that you can get and you are slightly inclined to them then you should either go for the best that you can get or totally decide against joining a college. Managing both is not possible for most of the people and thus, sticking to a single thing and not keeping any regrets for later is important.

Chalk out a rough plan of action

Form a rough strategy so that you are able to gauge the amount of effort that you would have to put on a daily basis. This plan will also help you choose the correct facilities that you need for your drop year for JEE. If this plan scares you then you should again reconsider your decision of taking a drop for JEE.

Few points that you should know!

Dropping a year is not as tough as it seems, but it’s not definitely an easy task. You should know that you would have to quit a lot of distractions and your breaks would also involve some regularity. Also, most of your friends would have left by then and you would be preparing without their jolly company.

Since school would not be there, JEE would be the only thing that you would be involved in. There would be some relatives or even family members who might not show faith in you or pass some remarks which might hurt you, but these things are secondary and you would have to ignore them and maintain focus on your preparation. Thus, these factors might lower down your socializing and you should be prepared for that.

Dropping a year takes courage and you should be strong enough to make that decision. Don’t let anyone else make that choice for you. Think out everything and analyze the risks involved. Focus on reaching a better place and stay determined about being down to earth throughout the preparation year. Any kind of over confidence will totally ruin things for you. After analyzing all factors, start making choices of various things like books and coaching. If you feel the need, you can stay in a hostel too to prepare for JEE.

The above points are largely all the factors that you need to think about while you are deciding to drop a year for JEE. Once you are firm in your mind, there is nothing that can stop you from performing well in your drop year. Maintain a decent pace throughout the year so that you don’t drain out in the middle of the race. Keep telling yourself that you can do it. Keep a good company of people who are taking a drop just like you and make full use of everyone’s knowledge. Drop year will be your last chance and you can’t make mistakes in it. Don’t be afraid to make this decision, that one year will definitely teach you a lot more than the conventional JEE stuff.

All the best!

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