Studying During Day Time vs. Night Study

Throughout the history of mankind, the complexity of functioning of our left and the right brain has been a mystery yet to be unveiled. The left brain is reserved for analytical thinking and dealing with the logical approach to things, and the right brain is responsible for creativity, imagination, and gaining insight.  

The Perfect Balance

Seldom do we find that unbalanced things work wonders. Similarly, your brain achieves a calm and composed state only when both the right and left hemispheres work in tandem.

JEE study is the epitome of hard work, zeal, planning, and a cool head. This examination is estimated to be one of the toughest exams globally, due to the depth of the concepts presented, and the application of logic within a time limit. This demands an intense workout of both hemispheres of the brain.

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Whether imagining three-dimensional vectors on a plain sheet of paper, or the tetrahedral bond angle of organic and inorganic chemistry, both parts of our brain must help us grapple with the questions and answers presented. To properly work on these concepts your brain must be alert and vigilant. So you aim should be to study when you brain is at its sharpest.

What’s the Difference?

People have differing opinions regarding the best time to study. Neither is objectively “right” or “wrong.” They are preferences that correlate with your own personal, biological rhythms.

Some love the daytime, even early mornings — and find that their

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brains are sharpest and best able to study and retain information then. They function best when the sun is shining and the world is bustling around them.

Daytime studiers are more alert when the rest of the world is also alive and active.
Others love the nights. The stillness and quiet of the night is what makes their minds come alive, and when their focus and retention are at its best. They feel that they can focus best when the rest of the world feels still. They are less distracted by daily interruptions. Some even go so far as to feel that “the night belongs to them” and are able to use the entire night — straight through to the next sunrise — to study.

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Searching for Your Best JEE Study Time

Science is ambivalent about both situations, and there is no supportive evidence regarding the best hours to study. So quite simply — it’s up to you! You need to assess the time of the day when you are best fit for a mental workout, and can achieve the best results from your study time.

To determine which works best for you, you can experiment on the output of your brain during those complimentary hours of the day. You may already know which hours suit you best. But if you’re not sure, try one and then the other — and see what happens.

What did you feel like? How awake were you during your study period? How did you do on the questions you attempted? It might take a day or two to realize what your perfect study time is, but once you find it you can use it to get the most out of your precious JEE study time!

Is it That Tough?

It has been said that once you realize your strengths and weaknesses, your fortune starts changing. Just a little self-analysis can go a long way towards transforming you into the study machine you’ve always wanted to be! Think of it this way: you are just inching towards your goal with this step, and entering a world where you know how to get your body and brain to work for you, and not against you.

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