How to Start JEE Preparation?

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JEE preparation is a journey that ends in a beautiful destination – your dream college. The years of JEE preparation are crucial years of your life. They not only decide your career but also shape you as a person. The amount of effort you put in during the years of JEE preparation will directly affect the head start that you will get in your career.

There are a large number of articles, blog posts, and interviews on JEE Preparation. They cover everything from what books to use, what coaching to join, and many other do’s and don’ts. But there is a key question that every JEE aspirant should think about. “How do I start JEE preparation in an effective way?”

In this blog post, I will try and answer some questions that will help you in starting your JEE preparation in the best possible way. This ensures that you are headed in the right direction during the starting days of your preparation.

When Should I Start My JEE Preparation?

Start early. Typically, students prepare for 2 years – parallel to their 11th and 12th standard. So, you should aim for starting JEE preparation no later than the commencement of your class 11th course.

Due to increase in competition these days, it has been observed that many students start their preparation as early as in 8th standard. The trend has particularly been seen among top 100 JEE rankers. So, if you are aiming for a top JEE rank, you should aim to start your JEE preparation early.

Can I Get a Top Rank if I Did Not Do Well in 10th Board Exams?

Board exams are more geared towards testing your basics and memorization skills. Your performance in board exams has little correlation with your performance in the JEE. A student who has scored 60% marks in 10th standard can still work hard and nail the JEE with a top rank.

Should I Join a Coaching Institute?

You can, but it is not mandatory. The aim of coaching institutes is to guide you and show you the right path. These days, a lot of such guidance is available online and you should definitely make use of these resources. If you stay in a remote location where coaching facility isn’t available, you should not be worried at all. You can do as good as that friend of yours who went to Kota. It is all about the right attitude.

Which Coaching Institute Should I Join?

As mentioned above, coaching institutes are meant only to guide you. At the end of the day, your hard work will be the deciding factor. Remember, it is you who will be writing the JEE, not your coaching teacher. Your efforts, your dedication, and your hard work will matter more than anything else. Do not rely on coaching too much.

Should I Go to Kota for JEE Preparation?

Kota has some good coaching institutes for the JEE. But statistically speaking, 1.5 lakh people go to Kota every year for JEE preparation. However, only a few thousand or so make it to IITs.

It has been observed in the past that a lot of students lose the track when they go to Kota, and they end up ruining their career rather than helping it. To go to Kota or not should be a decision you should make only after consulting your teachers and parents. Moving to a new place might have a serious impact on you. This impact may or may not be the best for you and your family, so it is recommended that you do enough research before coming to a decision.

How Should I Mentally Prepare Myself to Start JEE Preparation?

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JEE preparation isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon. You will have to not only run fast, but also run for at least 2 years. Therefore, it is important to be very well prepared. Before you start JEE preparation, you should have a very clear goal in my mind.

A goal like ‘I will do my best’ won’t work. Research suggests that those who aim for specific and clear goals are more likely to achieve them. So you should aim for something like, “I will get an under 500 rank in JEE”. This way, at every step, you will be able to evaluate yourself better.

I Am Overwhelmed with So Many New Concepts. What Should I Do?

This is something that happens with almost every JEE aspirant at the beginning of JEE preparation. It is very normal and you should not worry about it too much. Remember the following points:

  • Focus on concepts and ideas rather than formulae.
  • Do not memorize stuff. Try to understand it properly.
  • Not everything has an explanation at your level. So if you feel that there is something that you haven’t understood deeply, it is fine. You can study it on your own, but it is unlikely that such a thing will show up in your JEE question paper. You should be wise enough to understand what is important and what is not.

Do I Need to Be Born Intelligent to Start JEE Preparation?

Definitely not! The JEE paper is not rocket science. It is just an elevated version of your school level Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. However, for the JEE you need to understand the concepts rather than memorizing them. Hard work is all you need and you are sure to perform well.

What Books Should I Study for My JEE Preparation?

There are a lot of good books on JEE preparation. Choosing the right books is important. It will help you save time if you study concepts from a book that explains them fully and correctly. This will save you time because you won’t have to hop from one book to another trying to clear doubts that arise from reading books that explain concepts in an ambiguous manner.

Also, it is better to solve all the questions from a single book rather than solving partial exercises from multiple books. But you must choose books that have good quality questions. Considering all these factors, we have provided a list of some good books that you’ll find very helpful in your JEE preparation.

Books for Physics:

Books for Chemistry:

Books for Mathematics:

Useful Study Strategy That You Can Follow

Read Theory

Firstly, read the chapter from basic level books. By doing this, you’ll get a superficial idea of the topic. Now, when the topic is taught in your coaching center or online tutorial in JEE level depth, you can grasp the topic better because you already have the flavor of it.

Take Handwritten Notes

While the topic is taught in class (online or offline), make handwritten notes. These self-made notes will be very helpful to you at the time of revision. After class is over, try to recollect all that you learned. You may use the notes that you just made in class while doing so. Finish this exercise only when you are totally convinced that you understood everything that was taught in the class.

Solve Problems

After you are done with the theory, you’ll have to solve problems to strengthen your command of the topic. You can start by solving basic problems first by board level books. After you are comfortable solving basic questions of the topic, you may go on to solving more advanced questions. After you have solved the problems from the board level book, you can go on to solving more challenging problems from the JEE level books.

Stay Healthy

Note that you should not compromise your sleep hours during your JEE preparation. Sleep is as important for your body and brain as studying is. Adequate sleep is important for a healthy lifestyle. If you get adequate sleep at night, you will feel fresh throughout the next day, which means that you can study more and retain more.

You have been given many tips above regarding how to start your JEE preparation. We hope that your preparation turns out to be successful and you get admission in your dream college!

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  1. Anurag Sinha April 1, 2018 at 4:54 am #

    Sir! I m really convinced from your blog. Sir I want to know whether I should join a regular school and Coaching class or I should join dummy school and a coaching class?

  2. appu January 5, 2019 at 9:21 am #

    shall I use errorless books for jee

    • Aman Goel
      Aman Goel January 10, 2019 at 8:08 am #

      Hi appu, can you please confirm what you mean by ‘errorless’ books?

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