Should I Take A Drop For JEE?

“Should I take a drop for the JEE?” This is a very mind-boggling question. So here I am to help you out. But before I get started, everyone must know certain rules and regulations set by CBSE.

JEE Main Eligibility Criteria for Droppers (2018)

  • Maximum number of attempts for any candidate is three.
  • For JEE Advanced, maximum number of attempts is two.
  • The candidates who had appeared in 12th Class/Equivalent test in 2015 or before are not eligible.
  • As per the JEE Main Eligibility Marks & Percentage Criteria, the candidates who have scored more than 75% or are in top 20 percentile in respective Board can only appear in IIT JEE 2018.
  • In case of ST/SC/PWD Candidates, the percentage criteria will be 65%.

So, if you satisfy these conditions, then you can take a year drop.


We all know that JEE is one of the most prestigious exams in India, so why fear to take a year drop for it? I understand that most of you are afraid of wasting a year attempting to secure a better rank, only to end up having a bad result.

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History Speaks

In the year 2012, the percentage of droppers who qualified for JEE Advanced was 62% whereas only 38% of the candidates were appearing for the first time.

These statistics are great evidence for all those who want to take a year drop.

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My first piece of advice — if you are sure of getting a better rank, then just go for it!

  • Don’t lose sight of your goal.
  • Keep yourself away from all distractions.
  • Strive till the end.
  • Never listen to comments like “Rishtedar kya kahenge?” (What will the relatives say?).

In the end, they will congratulate you when you succeed! Don’t think of this one year as a gap year, as many people refer to it. Think of it as an investment in a better future.

Some Facts

  • You are better off than others as you have one extra year for preparation.
  • While others are preparing for their Boards, you can practice for the JEE.
  • You have already faced and handled the JEE pressure.

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So don’t get depressed and bored. Stay focused on your goal. Always remember that in long run, no one cares if you were a dropper, they just see how successful you are. It is better to invest one year than wasting your life and regretting your decision in future.

Now let us dive into some Do’s and Don’ts.


  • Do handle your social anxiety. Don’t listen to what people say, it will only demotivate you. Stay close to your loved ones, this prevents depression.
  • Great things never happen without great sacrifices. Quit smartphones now!
  • Join a proper coaching center. You may also select distance learning programs.
  • Make sure that you don’t waste time being perplexed as to what chapter you should study first. Instead, stop panicking and just start thinking.
  • Clear your concepts, solve as many problems as possible. Follow your teachers’ advice.
  • Join some all India test series to know your position and constantly try to improve it.


  • Never think that you are not fit for the JEE, or that it is out of your league. You will only get depressed and demotivated. It is very important to stay focused and motivated all the time during your drop year.
  • Don’t lose interest in your subjects. Remind yourself that it’s just a matter of a few months now.

Study Mantra

There are no shortcuts to success. One needs to work hard and smart.

  • Regular practice and wise application of concepts is the only way to secure a good rank.
  • Keep your cool. Study the subjects with interest and the rest will follow.
  • Focus more on your weak topics.
  • Analyze last year’s paper and improve on your weak areas.


  • Taking a drop means you have to study the same subjects again and again. This process is extremely painful and can lead to a lot of stress. You might even get bored of your routine and simply give up in the middle.
  • Drop year is a period of time where you might go under depression as there is a huge investment of time and money. Moreover, this is the last chance to prove yourself.
  • One of the biggest disadvantages is the fear of failure. This can result in feeling massive pressure.
  • The pressure to outperform yourself, stress, and frustration can easily lead you to the path of destruction.
  • Drop year will also affect your further education. You will obviously start your career a year later.

Remember not all the great people are from IITs or NITs. Life may have better plans for you.


Students with rank (<1000) in JEE (Advanced)

Don’t take a drop. You are taking a great risk if you take a year drop. You are letting go a seat offered by the most prestigious institutes of India. You might end up wasting a year in an attempt to score a better rank. In the long run, it does not matter from which IIT you completed your graduation. All that matters is what you did in the four years of your school.

Students with rank approximately in this category (1000 to 10000) in JEE (Advanced)

If you are in this category and you are not able to get the desired branch in your desired college—then you might want to invest your next year working hard for a branch change instead of taking a year drop. If you are willing to work hard opt for any other branch in your desired college and score a good GPA.

Other Students

Other students may opt for dropping out after answering the following questions.

Answer each question with a YES or NO.

  • Are you really prepared to handle all the stress and pressure once again?
  • Did you give your best shot in the first attempt?
  • Have you appeared in any other examinations like BITSAT, CET? If yes, is there any scope of admission in any good institute?

If your answers to the first two questions are YES and you don’t have any other choice, then it better to wait for one more year. Be far-sighted, don’t risk your future by making drastic decisions.

Taking a drop is a very crucial decision. It may be the turning point of your life. So only take a year drop when it is an absolute must.

I hope that this blog helped you. All the best for your future. Just remember everything happens for a reason, so try to find the best path for yourself!

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