How to Prepare for JEE Mains without Coaching

prepare jee mains without coaching

JEE coachings are considered to be the only solution for a good rank in JEE in the current scenario. However, these days, a number of students are achieving their aim through serious self-study too. If not JEE Advanced, which seems to be tougher, JEE Mains is definitely achievable with a decent amount of efforts without coaching too. One just needs the correct amount of dedication, effort, and guidance to not only clear JEE Mains, but also score a decent score in it. Here I will be discussing about how to prepare for JEE Mains without coaching!

How to prepare for JEE Mains without coaching: Know about the exam and make an informed decision!

Knowing about the exam is very important even before you decide to prepare on your own for the JEE Mains. Read up reviews about the exam and also its guidelines in short. Try scanning through its past years’ papers too so that you get a little hint of what you are going to get yourself into.

Once you know everything in brief about the exam you can be sure of your decision. This first step is crucial since joining a coaching in the middle or regretting any decision later especially in this aspect would be harmful.

How to prepare for JEE Mains without coaching: Choose the perfect set of books for yourself

Since you would be preparing without a coaching, books will be your best guides. You need to choose the books that you would be using throughout the preparation year with utmost care as changing books in the middle isn’t advisable and doing limited books is better than doing a few portions from a lot of books. So talk to some seniors who have experience about the same and choose books which have a good mix of theory, solved examples and questions.

JEE Mains isn’t very tough, but knowing little concepts and their application as well helps in doing the paper with the required speed. Books containing past years’ papers as well as their analysis are also important since the pattern of JEE Mains largely remains same. A good number of questions needs to be practiced for JEE Mains and so good books are essential.

NCERTs are extremely important for JEE Mains. You should definitely cover every nook and corner of the chemistry NCERT specially. For mathematics, doing a standard book according to your board is good since these books give you a strong basic foundation and JEE Mains questions of mathematics are generally similar to the questions in these books. Thus, choosing a good basic book and one book for a rigorous practice is important.

How to prepare for JEE Mains without coaching: Prepare a schedule and follow it strictly

A coaching brings regularity in a student’s work. A coaching is able to keep most of its students bonded to a particular schedule. Hence, if you are studying on your own, you would have to be strict with yourself as there won’t be a specific coaching teacher to evaluate your daily progress. Here, forming a schedule and following it becomes a little tough. Thus, give proper time to making a realistic target with small goals so that you can complete them and then do more.

Weekly schedules are easier to follow and seem more achievable. Keep one day every week for revision or completing backlogs. Try joining a test series or try giving tests fortnightly at least. Analyze your mistakes at the end of each week and make changes to your further schedule. Ask your doubts in school and to your friends too as you don’t have a coaching you need to have adequate means of doubt clearance too.

How to prepare for JEE Mains without coaching: Complete the syllabus on time and give mock tests

For JEE Mains, you must complete your syllabus by December or January so that you have ample time for revising for board exams and JEE and also for giving mock tests. The inorganic part consists of a lot of rote learning so that needs to be revised well in the last days so having sufficient time is necessary.

Once your syllabus is over, plan out a revision schedule and follow it well. Give mock tests every week and try doing them in lesser time since the exam day involves a lot of pressure and you effectively have less time.

Once that is going smoothly, you must start doing past year papers and analyze the pattern. Doing 10 papers will make you perfectly comfortable with the kind of paper that comes. This activity will also make you confident for the exam.

The above are the general points that you need to keep in mind when you start preparing for JEE Mains on your own. Focus and motivation throughout the year is a major factor. Just stick to your board studies and basic JEE preparation throughout and you would be able to score well in JEE Mains.

Don’t skip out any chapters or topics on the pretext of them being less important as the variety of questions in JEE Mains is very good. Your school level preparation will also help you a lot for JEE Mains so don’t ignore that also.

Since JEE Mains is generally the first exam that a student gives you might feel anxious but you should try to stay calm during the entire time. Don’t study a lot during the last week as that might make you nervous. In the last few days focus only on things that make you confident. Just remember that you can do it and you will be able to do it.

All the best!

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