How to Prepare for JEE at Home

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You may be thinking or probably wondering whether it is possible to crack JEE without joining any coaching institute. So let me clear one thing for you, it is quite possible.

IITs are very prestigious institutes and so JEE is one of the hardest examination conducted in India. Hence to crack JEE, surely coaching can be an important tool, but not a necessary one. In this post, I’ll tell you how to prepare for JEE at home!

First, you should have complete faith in yourselves. Do not think for a second that your peers who have joined coaching will be more prepared than you; I can assure you it doesn’t work like that. Your attitude should be positive. For that, you can put motivational posters in your room or talk with yourselves by looking at mirror. Remind yourself once in awhile what your goal is. These things really help. Those of you who are dropping this year, should take special care of that — you really can’t afford a minute to waste.

Now next thing is Time Management. Make a time-table and a realistic one; please don’t just assume that you can study for 20 hours a day. Realise your stamina and gradually increase it. Remember one thing — quality of study is important not quantity. Set your priorities first. If you are a dropper, focus on advanced syllabus and nothing else. If you are in 11th or 12th standard, give some time to other subjects also.

Don’t make unnecessary friends, you don’t have luxury to distribute your precious time among them. Try to be with students who have same goal as you. One most important thing is to update your time table, there may come a phase when you need to give more time on physics while on some other day maths or chemistry require your extra attention; so set your time-table according that. Also, try to leave emotion at the door when you study, give proper time to all subjects and if you have a confusion in your favourite subject/topic, try to resolve it rather than refuse to accept the problem.

How to prepare for JEE at home: Studying Physics

One of the most beautiful things about JEE physics is that you can master any of its topics by solving few standard problems. But the condition is that you understand the questions and solutions fully. Remember this doesn’t mean that you memorise solutions of all the standard problems, solutions should always be your last resort. First understand the questions completely and in the beginning, you should start solving by these steps:

  • write what is given in the questions
  • what we have to find
  • what possible formulae may be used in this problem

and then try to think about the logic to solve the problem.
These steps will really help you to think in the right direction.After a while, you could skip these steps and directly think about logic.If you can’t solve a problem for first time, read about the topic once again and then try.If you still can’t get it, refer the solutions and learn from your mistake. Remember, you can learn a lot from your mistakes.Apply same procedure for any problems you solved.

One more thing — never solve the questions by making any assumptions; you will get easily confused in paper and can make silly mistakes.Always think about logic which are based on the facts that you have studied.Try to read a lot and gather facts and make organised notes of it, which you should review weekly.

  • If you have just started preparing, then you should start by studying HC VERMA.It really is a very helpful book for JEE. Read it line by line and understand it and then try to solve all the examples and questions by yourself.They are decent problems. Also, you can get its solution on internet very easily.
  • NCERT is good for reading purpose, but its problems are not JEE oriented, so you should avoid it.
  • If your physics is very strong, then I.E.Irodov can be also of some use, but only few problems because it’s mainly for olympiads.
  • Previous years’ papers of both Mains and Advanced are a must.They will give you ideas about the standard of JEE.
  • You can also refer MTG monthly magazine ‘Physics For You’.They are really helpful for students who are preparing at home. They provide all sorts of study material, good questions and some motivational speech from toppers.

How to prepare for JEE at home: Studying Maths

JEE Main level maths is very basic. Its questions are similar (sometimes same) to the questions present in NCERT and NCERT Exemplar.Advanced level maths is bit hard, you will need to refer some other books.

Maths requires practice, a lot of it. Try to solve the questions completely. You should solve questions in set, like first mark 20 questions from exercise, then solve all of them in one go, and then tally your final answer.This process will increase your accuracy and help you to stop making silly mistakes.

Try to memorise all basic formulas, especially related to co-ordinate geometry, because you can’t possibly derive it in the examination hall.Try to do the calculations a little slowly because generally in maths, fault doesn’t happen in logic but in calculations.Don’t try to solve too many books, it will become too hectic. Solve few books but completely, that will boost your confidence and that is all that matters.

  • NCERT and NCERT exemplar is basic ones.You should be comfortable in solving all of its problems.
  • For advanced purpose, you can refer to Resonance Rank booster or any book like this of other coaching.If you solve it completely with full understanding,believe me you are more than ready.
  • Previous years’ papers of JEE Mains and JEE Advanced are also a pretty good collection of questions.You will get an idea of your preparation.
  • MTG monthly magazines will also be a helpful tool, its set of questions are based on current pattern and its study material is also very organised and to the point.

How to prepare for JEE at home: Studying Chemistry

Chemistry is relatively easiest among all three of them. For Inorganic part, you should make notes of information and memorise it with all of your might.Try whatever way which you think will help; you can record your voice reading and then hear it on short interval,you can paste your notes on the wall so that you see it frequently, you can try to teach whatever you studied to your siblings or any other member of your house who will listen.

For Organic part, you have to be most careful because its questions are most logical.The trick is to understand the different mechanism and concepts fully, but most importantly, remember the exceptions. Questions most of the times use exceptions, it applies in both Organic and Inorganic.Reading NCERT line by line is a must, try to squeeze any information you can from the book.

Physical chemistry can be easy if you remember all the basic formulas and regularly solve problems.It is the most logical part in chemistry.Overall, questions directly comes from past years’ papers and very few new concepts are introduced in any paper, so chemistry can be used as ‘sure marks’ part in the paper.

  • NCERT is must.Read it as many times as you can.Paper mostly comes from the information given in NCERT directly or indirectly.
  • Again, Resonance Rank Booster can be helpful.
  • Previous years’ papers, especially for Mains, because questions directly comes from them. JEE Advanced papers have good collection of questions which will test your preparation standard.
  • MTG monthly magazines is also good for chemistry.

How to prepare for JEE at home: Some Final Tips

Now, let’s conclude this discussion of what to study, when to study and how to study. Since you guys are preparing at home, there are some pro and cons.

First let’s discuss cons. You will have difficulty to interact with people who can solve your doubt. You can easily divert from your goal.Now this problem can easily be solved if you do smart study. Proper use of internet can be very fruitful — you can look up to about anything on Google and can clear most of your doubts. And as long as you strictly follow your time-table, you will never get diverted from your goal.

Now let’s talk about pros. What happens in coachings is that they generally fix that this topic should take this much time so that almost all students can understand it. But you won’t have to follow other’s schedule if you prepare at home — you can distribute your time according to your weaknesses and strength. Remember that coaching only act as catalyst. Finally it’s your hard work that counts.

Try to enjoy your studies, play with questions, and if you have any hobbies, do it daily just for an hour so — it will refresh your mind.You can try yoga or meditation if you like,it will help you to focus more. Also, don’t take advice from any random person. our peers should be the ones who are also preparing for JEE, you can discuss your doubt or study together once in a while.

You should also join a test series of any major coaching to test yourselves on country level. If you perform well, keep it up, and if you don’t, learn from your mistakes. Either way, test series will be very helpful for you.

For more inspiration, check out our video on how to study effectively:

Well, I think that’s all you need to know. If you follow all these instructions, you will surely be able to crack JEE. Study hard, be confident, and enjoy!

Best of Luck!

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