How to Prepare for JEE In Class 11

JEE is one of the toughest engineering entrance examinations across the world. Acing the JEE would give a great headstart to your engineering career. It would give you a chance to study in one of the prestigious IITs, NITs, IIITs, and CFTIs. Approximately 1.5 million candidates appear for JEE each year, which increases the level of competition even more. The earlier you start, the better is your position in the race. In this blog post, you will get to know some tips about how to prepare for JEE in class 11.

How to Prepare for JEE In Class 11 Tip-1: Get a strong motivation

Motivation is one of the strong pillars of success. A strong motivation for getting what you want is essential to actually get it. Your motivation could be anything — getting your name printed on newspaper, making your parents proud, studying in a top institute, studying with the smartest people of the nation, anything! Your motivation should be strong enough to keep you going even through the tough times of your JEE preparation.

How to Prepare for JEE In Class 11 Tip-2: Work hard

There is no shortcut to success. You need to genuinely work very hard if you want to make it big in JEE. Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard. If you feel that you don’t have a “gifted” brain, but you are ready to work really hard to achieve your goals, there is no force in this universe that can stop you.

Just remember that in every minute that you waste, or spend in doing a “not-so-important” activity, your competitors are striving to defeat you and snatch away your JEE rank. Don’t give them a chance to defeat you, especially when you could work hard to emerge as a winner.

How to Prepare for JEE In Class 11 Tip-3: Get the right books

Class 11 is typically the time when you will have to start serious JEE preparation. Studying from the best books for JEE Main and JEE Advanced is very important as they have a good collection of problems along with an elaborate self-explanatory theory, which is very important to get your concepts right.

The importance of the choice of right books for preparation is something that cannot be emphasized enough. It is important to study theory from the book that explains it clearly so that you don’t need to look into other books for clearing your doubts that arise due to the ambiguous explanation of the theory in the book that you were initially reading.

It is also important to practice solving problems from the book that has a nice collection of problems of good quality. If you won’t solve good quality problems, you will find it difficult to think about the solutions of the questions asked in the exam because of the exam pressure and lack of practice. The more questions you solve, the better your speed of solving questions will become — which is one of the biggest factors that will determine your JEE rank!

How to Prepare for JEE In Class 11 Tip-4: Optional enrolment in a JEE coaching institute

Enrollment in a coaching institute is optional; you can do your JEE preparation even if you are not enrolled in a coaching institute. However, generally, students prefer enrolling in a coaching institute because of following reasons:

  • In a good coaching institute, the course completion timeline is a bit strict and syllabus is completed timely.
  • Various tests are taken in coaching institutes, which help students evaluate their performance against performances of other students.
  • In a good coaching institute, faculty is good and doubts of students are cleared well.
  • The study material of a good coaching institute is sufficient, and students generally don’t need to refer to other books.

However, if you don’t want to join a coaching institute, you can find help online too on certain websites, for example Toppr.

How to Prepare for JEE In Class 11 Tip-5: Enroll in a test series

There are many test series that are meant for JEE aspirants. Enrolling in a test series is a good idea as it would help you regularly evaluate your performance against students from other parts of the country. The serious JEE aspirants take test series seriously and work hard to get good ranks in them.

Do not take test series lightly. Prepare for each test and take the tests seriously. After the answer key is released, analyse your weak and strong areas. Solve the questions that you couldn’t solve during the test completely till the final answer. If you do this seriously, you will notice an improvement in your performance with each passing test.

How to Prepare for JEE In Class 11 Tip-6: Make notes

Making notes is a very good practice. It helps a lot at the time of revision if you have your notes of the topic ready. It is especially more helpful if you have studied a topic from several books and have jotted down all the important stuff in your notes.

How to Prepare for JEE In Class 11 Tip-7: Revise, revise, and revise

Revision is the key to score good marks. If you forget what you have studied, there is no point in studying in the first place. To avoid forgetting things, you should revise them frequently.

Try to revise all that you have studied throughout the week in the weekend. Especially, revise all the reactions and formulae frequently so that they get stuck in your mind.

Class 11 is crucial for your JEE preparation as it is the time when the foundation of your understanding of concepts is being built. Use this time wisely towards achieving your goal. All the best!

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