My Encounter With JEE

JEE is all about the journey — the dream to get into an IIT, the preparation phase, the excitement of studying in one of the top educational institutes in India. In this post, I’ll share with you the insights of my encounter with JEE.

My encounter with JEE: The beginning

Before coming to class 11, I was sure that I will be pursuing a career in engineering. My parents wanted to wait for my board exam marks so as to be sure if I had the right “aptitude” for engineering. However, board exam results and the engineering aptitude have little correlation. In class 10 boards, many students get good results, which is certainly not true for JEE. To get into an IIT, you need to be in the top 10000 students out of the 1.5 million students who appear for JEE.

I was admitted to a JEE coaching institute in class 11. Since I wanted to pursue engineering, I wanted to do my B.Tech from one of the most premier institutes in India. To achieve what I wanted, I had no other option than to study hard and crack the JEE to get into an IIT.

My encounter with JEE: The preparation phase

The JEE preparation phase is the most crucial phase of any IIT aspirant. This is the phase that can make your dream of studying in an IIT a reality or shatter it completely. I was well aware that if I had to get what I wanted, I cannot afford to waste time and resources during this phase.

This is the phase when there are lots of distractions. Your friends might want to bunk classes and go out for a movie instead. Some students skip the class tests too. Some students just come to the classes but the play mobile games instead and don’t listen to the teacher. You need to be aware that these short-term pleasures of movie, games, etc. won’t do any good to your career and if you waste this precious time, it would certainly affect your career. Make friends wisely so that they don’t have a bad influence on you. During my preparation time, I had very few friends and they were my competitors too who pushed me to work harder.

If you perform well, some people might be jealous of you and will try to bring down your performance. Be wary of such people and try to minimise your interaction with them, as these people would just bring negativity in your life, and you just cannot afford to think about such nuisance when you have a lot more important things to ponder upon.

Sometimes, some students might bring random questions and ask you. You might get frustrated on not being able to solve them. So it is advisable to only solve questions from books or the study material of you coaching institute. Once, a classmate of mine gave me a question on Integration, which was unsolvable (not all Integrals possess a solution). I spent about three hours on that question only to realize that the Integral was unsolvable, after I asked that question to my teacher. Then my teacher advised me to solve questions only from standard sources and not the ones given by any other person (except the teachers of course 😛 ).

It is important to study the best books as they contain self-explanatory and unambiguous theory along with a good set of problems. When I had just started my preparation, I was quite confused which book to study from, where to solve questions from, etc. I had purchased several books, some of which were not very relevant to JEE as they were above the JEE level. To prevent this, ask your teacher which books are good and purchase only those books, or you can know which books are good in the Magoosh posts titled “What are the best books for JEE Main?” and “What are the best books for JEE Advanced?”.

Getting enrolled in an all-India JEE test series is also very important as you get to know your standing among the various students who give tests in that test series from all-over the country. I had enrolled in the Resonance All India test series. Its level was appropriate for JEE preparation. Some coachings also conduct open tests wherein the students who are not a part of the test series can also take the tests. Try to give such tests as you would get to know your standing among the students who didn’t enroll in the test series you have enrolled into.

The importance of revision can never be emphasized enough. I used to maintain separate registers for notes of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Apart from notes, I also made ready formula books for each of the three subjects. Whenever I used to get time, I used to have a look at the formulae of any topic. Coordinate Geometry has a lot of formulae, and I learned all of them by going through them very frequently from the formula book.

My encounter with JEE: The exam day

The night before the exam, I was quite tense. My parents calmed me down and asked me to sleep early, which I followed. On the exam day, I reached the exam hall early. While giving the exam, I was very cautious while filling the OMR sheet and filled the sheet simultaneously while solving the paper. I was afraid that I might mess up while filling the OMR sheet, but fortunately, I did not 😛
In the evening, I matched my answers with the answer keys of various coaching institutes and calculated an estimated score. I was confident that I’ll get into an IIT, as I always dreamt of.

This was my encounter with the JEE. Everyone has different experiences with the exam. I hope you got to know some of the do’s and don’ts for JEE while reading some of my experiences above 🙂

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  1. sakshi kanase June 12, 2018 at 8:48 am #

    thank you harshita

    • Harshita Srivastava
      Harshita Srivastava June 12, 2018 at 5:26 pm #

      You’re welcome 🙂

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