Most Scoring Topics for JEE Physics

You must be very dedicated in studying for the most prestigious examination: the JEE. I am pretty sure that you are putting your heart and soul into learning JEE important topics, and making your long cherished dream of studying in an IIT come true.

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To ensure that your efforts produce the desired result, you must know where to channel your efforts.

Of the three subjects tested by the JEE, Physics is a really important subject. If mastered well, knowing Physics can definitely lead to great results.

So, in this article, we will discuss the topics in physics that are highest scoring.

JEE Important Topics: Basic Units and Measurements


This topic is the most basic of all topics. This part basically tests our familiarity with the measurement instruments of various scales. If you make sure to clear all of the basic concepts and formulae regarding this topic, then this part can really help you score a lot of points! Questions from this topic definitely find substantial portion in JEE MAINS and also in ADVANCED.


The next important topic we’ll talk about is MECHANICS. I am sure that mechanics is a nightmare for beginners, but with the progression of time you might start loving it! There is much diversity within this topic: ranging from kinematics to rotational motion. Starting with kinematics, you must have a clear understanding of vectors and basic math–as this will prepare you well to solve questions in kinematics.

Newton’s Laws of Motion

The next important topic is NEWTON’S LAWS OF MOTION. This is one of the most high scoring of the JEE important topics within Physics. You definitely need to thoroughly understand the concepts of friction, pulleys, strings, springs, circular motion, inclined planes, and so on.

Work, Energy, and Power

One somewhat easy topic from mechanics is WORK, ENERGY, and POWER. There is not much of a variety of questions that are asked from this section. But keep in mind that CONSERVATION OF ENERGY is important, and GRAVITATION is an easy to score topic.


The next of the JEE important topics is ROTATION. Some

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really mind-boggling questions are asked on this topic. Because a good number of questions are asked from this chapter, you should be sure to practice as many of these questions as possible, and become fluent in the topic. Learning rotation well requires really dedicated effort, but once you master the concepts it can be very high scoring and a great rank booster.

Other JEE Important Topics in Mechanics

Other topics in mechanics include Centre of Mass, Momentum Conservation, and Simple Harmonic Motion. Out of these, SIMPLE HARMONIC MOTION is the most important as this will lay the foundation for some subsequent chapters. These topics must be practiced a lot to improve your overall score.

Well, you might be thinking that I listed almost every topic from mechanics, but trust me, MECHANICS is an extremely important topic from which many questions are asked.

Fluid Dynamics and Elasticity

The next topic is FLUID DYNAMICS AND ELASTICITY. Questions from fluid dynamics are relatively easy. This makes fluid dynamics a really great area where you can pick up a lot of points. Continuity equation, Bernoulli Equation, Variation of pressure with depth, surface tension, stress-strain curve, and a plethora of equations are the most significant constituents of Fluid Dynamics and Elasticity. So try to practice as many questions as possible to ace your performance.

Heat and Thermodynamics

The next scoring section is HEAT AND THERMODYNAMICS. It is a major topic from which easy questions are asked. Questions from Calorimetry, Laws of Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory of Gases frequently appear on the exam.

And just because the questions are relatively easy, this is not a reason to short-circuit your studying of this topic. You really need to understand the concepts very well to be able to understand the questions asked, and pick up all those extra points.

Generally, questions on thermodynamics have many steps and are based on inter-related concepts. So it is really essential to manage your time well when answering these questions, and have a clear understanding of the concepts involved. Mastering this topic will also benefit you in Chemistry as it is a common topic, the only thing you need to be careful about is the sign convention.


Moving forward, the next extremely important section is ELECTROMAGNETISM. It is an uphill task to score decently without having a deep understanding in Electromagnetism. This topic is quite difficult and diverse as well. But you must know that “difficult” is a relative term. Your dedication and love for the topic can make it easy for you. Topics like Coulomb’s law, Gauss law, Potentials, and Capacitors require practice.

Current Electricity

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After Electrostatics comes Current Electricity. Electrostatics and current electricity have a lot of formulae and derivations. Never decide to skip derivations, they are extremely important for concept build-up. Also, remember that current electricity is a really easy topic to score on if studied well.


Next topic is MAGNETISM. It is a topic which requires greater efforts but it is high scoring. This topic also has lots of formulae and derivations. But here, the derivations are extremely important. These derivations can frequently be the basis of many questions. Ampere’s Law is important.

In this topic, direction plays a crucial role. Be careful that you never mess up with the directions–because sometimes these mistakes can result in a great loss of marks.

Less Difficult, But Still Important

These were comparatively difficult topics. There are easy topics as well which have a significant percentage and easy scoring too like Oscillations and Sound, Modern Physics being the most scoring of them. The questions from these topics are not very difficult or time-consuming. Also, these topics are really easy to comprehend. But still, never stop practicing as ”Practice makes a human perfect”. For such topics try to make your speed a plus point.

Try questions from archives as they let you know what is expected of you. I suggest that you should never be solely dependent on these archives. You must be conceptually strengthened to face any sort of questions asked. The JEE is well known for the mind-boggling questions which require on the spot thinking. They can ask questions on a totally unexpected situation using some really simple concepts.

So these were the JEE important topics that will get you the most points in Physics. Make sure to practice a variety of questions and even try to attempt a question in multiple ways. This will eventually lead you to find out alternate ways to reach the answer quickly. Focus more on concepts, but at the same time do not forget to learn the formulae. Be regular in your practice and sole as many mock tests as possible.

Lastly, I will say that throughout your preparation journey, there will be instances when you may feel that it is getting really difficult to continue, and you may even want to quit. At that time, you must remember, ”Success comes to those who wait” and “Failures are the stepping stones to success”. The path you have undertaken is not easy, there will be moments of failure, but it is up to you to decide whether to quit or to work even harder to reach your ultimate goal.

Best of luck and have an enriching journey ahead!!!

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