JEE Main Preparation Time Table for Dummy School Students

While preparing for competitive exams like JEE Mains, one must follow be disciplined and should value the importance of time. If you are aiming for a high score, you should have a timetable for your study and you should follow it religiously. This post is for those who have taken admission in dummy school and are enrolled in coaching classes. Now, first question coming in your mind is why I should have a JEE Main preparation timetable?

Starting the journey

Well, there’s a famous saying that “Half of the battle is won if you start well”. Keeping this in mind, you should start with a fresh mind and happy mood after your 10th exams. After joining any coaching class, first and foremost thing to do is to make a schedule for yourself for all seven days in a week. This will help to push you daily to get out of your comfort zone and perform up to your full potential.

Before I lay out the arrangement for you, let me disclose to you that it’s truly difficult to get up in the morning, particularly to study. Along these lines, in the event that you essentially depend on the alert of your clock, you may cheat yourself. You should get some outside factor to help, like asking your mom to wake you up. Incorporate some light stuff in your breakfast and after that sit to study for next two hours. A heavy meal will just make you lethargic.

Reason to make a timetable

A day by day timetable for IIT aspirant is an absolute necessity. You may have known about the maxim “routine sets you free”. This is pertinent for all students. While huge numbers of you might search for a ready-made timetable, I prescribe you to draft your own on the premise of your general day by day exercises.

Key points for your daily schedule

  • In every day schedule of preparation for JEE, study in short and intense slots, rather than long slots. It results in higher efficiency.
  • Self-studying is very crucial to attain good marks, at least 5 hours of self-study should be included daily.
  • Methodically studying is essential. Build up a plan to study current topics and revising past sections on week-by-week/month-to-month premise.
  • Take a break between studying and do what you like to refresh your mind, which will increase your efficiency.
  • Stay focused on your goal, believe in yourself, and take help from seniors/teachers time-to-time.

During Coaching days

Wake up at 7:00 am. Take some breakfast and go for classes. After 4-5 hours of coaching, you will come back home. Have lunch and sit for studying 2 hours(like 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm). In this time, you have to revise the notes of the subjects taught that day. Take a break, listen to music or relax for 30 minutes.

Then start doing your homework given to you or solve few questions related to those topics to be more comfortable. In evening play for an hour, when you come back sit for study and continue from where you left. Doing this task will take considerable time. So, be patient. When you’re done with and have time left, try to go through the previous chapter’s notes and revise formulas and important concepts. At 12:00 go to sleep.

During weekend/holidays

Weekends/Holidays are very crucial days during your preparation time. These are the days when you can complete all your backlogs and revise all the previous topics so that you’ll be prepared for next week.

It may happen sometimes during weekdays that you’re exhausted and you don’t really want to study. Don’t torture yourself, it’s OK to let go sometimes. You can complete that day work on weekends. Start your day by waking up early, so you won’t miss out on something and thoroughly revise everything. Try solving previous year papers from the chapters you’ve already completed.

Follow this schedule daily till 1 month before your board exams. You’ll be surely more confident and a happy person waiting for the exams. After board exams, I guess you’ll be having 1 week time for JEE Main. In this time, you can focus on your strong areas and revise it properly. Refrain yourself from studying any new topic.

The fundamental thought of this post is to show you how to set up a timetable for JEE Main. It isn’t so much that you should try to follow the exact times given in this post. You should modify them as per your convenience.

This is positively my recommendation for all JEE hopefuls. The most significant resource that you have is “time”, and it ought to be utilized shrewdly for a specific end goal to succeed. All the best!

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