Should You Go to Dummy School for JEE?

Why Would You Consider a Dummy School?

In the beginning of your JEE preparation you might think about joining a JEE dummy school. Why? Because your time is precious. And as you may know, many schools are strict about attendance. That means that you have to go to class! This eats up time.

And if you join a coaching center for JEE preparation, your day gets even more hectic. You now must go to both, your school and your coaching center. Some time is spent in commuting as well.

And above all this, you have self-study too, since self-study holds the utmost importance in preparing for the exam.

So to make your day less hectic, you might consider joining a dummy school at the time of your JEE preparation–because in a dummy school, you are not bothered at all for attendance. This gives you more time to prepare for the JEE.

Disadvantages of Joining a Dummy School

Now all this may look good–but leaving your present school and joining a dummy school may have a disastrous effect on your academics.

Preparing for the JEE while joining a dummy school may be advantageous for some, but may have adverse effects on others. In this post, we’ll tell you some points that you should definitely consider if you want to leave your present school to join a dummy school.

You Might Not Get Support from Your Family, Friends, and Present Teachers

Yes, that’s right. Generally, students do not enroll themselves in dummy schools. In fact, the students who are enrolled in a dummy school are sometimes looked down upon by students who study in famous schools. Since leaving your existing school for a dummy school for JEE preparation is not yet a “trend” in most cities, your parents might be skeptical about your decision to join a dummy school. You might not get their support in this decision.

Your school friends may not be happy if you decide to join a dummy school for JEE preparation. Some of your classmates may criticise you for doing this. Some may even make fun of you. If you are attached sentimentally to your school friends, leaving them might be difficult.

And if you have the reputation of being a good student in your school, your present teachers will try their best to retain you. They want to get the best board results from their students, and so they cannot afford to let a good student leave. They might even try to convince your parents to not let you leave. This, of course, will likely make your parents even more skeptical about your decision to join a JEE dummy school.

How Confident Are You that You Will Clear the JEE?

The JEE (especially the JEE Advanced), has the reputation of being the toughest exam in India. Around 1.5 million candidates appear for the exam each year. So, suffice it to say that the JEE is not an easy nut to crack.

You should consider leaving your present school and joining a dummy school only if you are very confident that you will crack both the JEE Main and JEE Advanced with good ranks, and will obtain around 90% marks in board exams as well, no matter what! If you have even a slight doubt in this, please do not consider joining a dummy school. You justmight end up ruining your career.

I haven’t said this to discourage you. But you must consider the difficulty level of the exam and the sheer number of students appearing for it. If you doubt your potential, then it is not a good idea to take a big risk like leaving your present school and joining a dummy school. Also, it is a fact that most students who do very well in the JEE are quite confident that they will crack it–and have faith in themselves from the start of their JEE preparation. (There might be some exceptions, but this is the general rule.)

Things That You May Miss Out on if You Join a Dummy School

You’ll get ample of time for JEE prep if you join a dummy school. But there are some things that you might miss out on if you leave your current school.

  • If you are a good student, your school teachers will pay special attention to you. You might even become the “most favorite student” of your teachers. Special attention from teachers is something that you might not find in a dummy school (because you won’t be attending the school much).
  • If you have a good academic record, you might even become the school captain or a school prefect. Some students find this to be very cool and might do almost anything to get these titles. I don’t think the students of dummy schools get this opportunity.
  • “English” is the subject that is not a part of the JEE Main and JEE Advanced syllabi. Hence, most of the JEE aspirants almost neglect this subject. They only study it at the time of tests or exams in their school. Although the class 11 and class 12 English of the CBSE curriculum is not very difficult, but the English taught in ICSE curriculum is pretty sophisticated.

    If you find English difficult, you might consider continuing with your current school. If you join a dummy school, you will have to study English on your own, which might be difficult. Studying all the subjects is important to score well on the board exams. You should not neglect any subject for board exams as your board exam marks would determine your eligibility for admission into an IIT, NIT, IIIT, and CFTI.

  • There is pressure on school teachers to teach students well so that they get good results in the board exams. Hence, your school teachers might be ready to help you anytime and give you useful resources to study for the board exams. You may not get this benefit in a dummy school.

These are some of the things that you might miss out on if you leave your current school. If you feel that even one of the above mentioned points is very important to you, please ponder your decision to leave your current school.

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Benefits of Joining a Dummy School for JEE Preparation

  • You need not attend classes. Appearing for exams is all that is required.
  • The time you have for your JEE preparation INCREASES.
  • You can study at your own pace and need not worry about the syllabus covered in your school.
  • There’s no need to participate in the extra-curricular activities. Therefore, you will save time.

ICSE or CBSE for Class 11 and 12?

The syllabus of both JEE Main and JEE Advanced is more similar to the syllabus of the CBSE curriculum than that of the ICSE curriculum. Also, the syllabus of the ICSE curriculum is much more extensive than the syllabus of the CBSE curriculum.

Both the boards (ICSE and CBSE) are very different and have their own pros and cons. While examinations such as the JEE Main, JEE Advanced etc., are based on the CBSE syllabus, the ICSE curriculum is advantageous if one wants to give exams such as TOEFL, SAT etc. Studying in an ICSE board school is very beneficial for students who wish to make their career in management or humanities. But if you want to make your career in engineering and want to give the JEE, choosing the CBSE board might be better for you.

You can even switch boards in class 11 if you join a dummy school.

Final Words

In this post, I discussed the pros and cons of joining a dummy school for JEE preparation. Whether you should join a dummy school or not should be decided by only you. Consider all the consequences carefully and then make the final decision. I hope that you make the best decision for yourself. Good luck!

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