Importance of Self-Confidence in JEE Preparation

Hello! Hope you are doing well with your studies. After being involved in your JEE preparation phase for a while, you probably realized that a major factor to getting a great rank on the JEE is believing in yourself. Your JEE motivation must remain strong, even though there are likely hundreds of students around you preparing for the same exam—where only about 1% of the total aspirants ultimately make it into IITs.

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Hence, it is pretty obvious that you may get bogged down at times, seeing the immense competition around you. Failing to do your best in a test may add more to your woes, but this is exactly when you need to stand strong. All of the students who secure great ranks go through this phase—and their patience and belief in themselves are what propels them to their desired rank.

The Need for JEE Motivation Throughout the Preparation Journey

JEE Preparation is a long journey with lots of learning and emotions associated with it. It is probably the first time most students have prepared to take such a prestigious and difficult test, where they must outsmart other candidates. As it is rightly said, “The road to heaven goes through hell”, and this is one such instance. You will be subjected to a lot of tough situations during JEE Preparations, where you need to act calmly while being highly motivated towards your goal.

You need to understand that there is nothing in this world that you cannot do. All that is required is a strong determination to do it, along with hard-work in the right direction, and an unending faith in yourself. You may be very good at a job. For the sake of the JEE, let’s consider that you are a pro at Mathematics and can solve any possible JEE math question within a minute. But someone who is as good as you or may be close to the level of your expertise arises, and you start becoming insecure of your own talent. What happens then?

  • You start questioning your abilities,
  • you start speculating on your chances of being able to solve the questions in the exam,
  • slowly your performance deteriorates, and
  • you end up messing up the paper very badly.

And what happened to the guy you were comparing yourself with? He used to be pathetic in math in the early stages, but believed in his capabilities, worked hard, and ultimately cleared the exam with flying colours.

Hence, it is of utmost importance to have an unwavering faith in yourself. If you feel yourself amidst all worries and now way out, stop and breathe. You may feel overwhelmed, but break down what you’re struggling with into smaller pieces.

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With any area giving you trouble, try to figure out what is going wrong from the very start, this time ensuring each step is well examined. Most of the time our problems are in the very basic principles, with small misunderstandings and mistakes leading to big troubles. Hence, try working on any problems that are giving you trouble from the very beginning, and you’ll find that many of them work themselves out.

How to Stay Motivated

Have you ever needed to find motivation? People search for motivational videos, attend lectures of motivational speakers, etc., in their quest to stay motivated. These things may help some, and at times are necessary when you are on the verge of giving up. But a close look around you will reveal there are a lot of objects in nature that are beautiful examples of self-confidence.

Let’s start at the very base level. Have you seen an ant? Or a spider? Or even a bird building its nest? They too face a lot of hardships. You may intersect a line of ants, thinking you are superior and broke their unity—but within minutes, they form another line. A bird collects a single piece of straw at a time and flies it to its nesting place. It takes this tiny animal hundreds or thousands of such trips to build a beautiful nest.

If you don’t find motivation in this, look at your parents or teachers. They work hard day and night to provide you with the very best, but never ask anything in return but a smile on your face. They don’t want you to be at an NIT or IIT or even MIT, they just want you to be happy. And unless you are content and believe that you are capable of achieving a great feat, things are bound to be gloomy.

End Note

So, summing it up, the JEE is not just a game of Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. Ever wondered, if the syllabus is finite and questions asked involve only the principles taught in 11th and 12th, then why do students fail to clear it? Everyone is good until class 10, so what drastic happens just after a few days that promising students fail to deliver to their complete potential?

The answer is questioning oneself, and comparing yourself with others on irrational aspects. Everyone has different circumstances of living, studying, teachers, etc. So it is totally baseless to judge someone better or inferior to you on a few trivial aspects.

Thus, keep your cool, be confident, and remind yourself every day that you can do it! You have to do it for your parents and teachers—and the day you realize this fact, nothing can stop you from getting a seat at the most prestigious institutes of the nation.

“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” ~ Arthur Ashe

All the Best!

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