IIT and NIT Alternative Engineering College Options

The number of engineering aspirants in our country is quite big. However, the seats in IIT and NIT are limited and students need to seek alternative options. It is not just the IIT and NIT that take admission on the basis of the JEE score, there are many other colleges which accept JEE scores. Also, apart from these, there are various other engineering entrance exams which a student can give and join the other prestigious engineering colleges which are developing well in the recent past.
In this article, I will discuss all such options that an engineering aspirant can explore.

Colleges other than IIT and NIT that accept JEE score

The number of prestigious colleges taking admission on the basis of JEE score is immense. Before one decides to prepare for JEE, one must look for all the possibilities in the field. This research will help you in adjusting to all situations later and will not dishearten you if your JEE exam doesn’t go too well. Thus, be prepared with a list of such colleges and try talking to seniors to find out which colleges interest you more and make it a point to apply to them as back up option for the worst case scenario.

Here is a comprehensive list of alternative colleges which will accept your JEE scores for admission:

  • IISC Bangalore: The entry to this top notch college is through various channels and one of them is JEE Mains. You necessarily require a minimum of 60% in JEE Mains or JEE Advanced to qualify for admission into this college.
  • DTU, NSIT and IIITD: These three colleges keep their counseling separate from JOSAA but their admission is based upon JEE Mains score or rank strictly.
  • Various IIITs: The IIITs are coming up well and some of them have really grown up to be top colleges of the country. Most of the IIITs hold their counseling through JOSAA itself but some of them like IIITH, IIITD etc. have different procedures for counseling but the admission is solely through JEE ranks or scores.
  • Thapar University: This is a really old and reputed college and takes admission on the basis of JEE Mains scores specifically.
  • DAIICT, Gandhinagar: This college again takes admissions on the basis of JEE Mains. It offers limited courses and pays full attention to them.
  • Jaypee College, Nirma College, Ahmedabad and PEC, Chandigarh: These three colleges take admission through JEE Mains and are pretty similar in terms of their admission procedures.
  • IIPE, Vizag: This college takes admissions on the basis of JEE Advanced ranks and the students who could not get into IITs can definitely try admission in this reputed college.
  • IIST: This college is basically for space research and engineering and students who are interested in this area can try for this college and it takes admission through JEE Advanced.
  • RGIPT: This college is famous for petroleum engineering and takes admissions through JEE Advanced ranks.

Colleges having separate entrance exams

There are a number of good colleges that conduct their own engineering entrances at a national or a state level. State engineering entrances are very popular in particular states and many students consider state engineering colleges for engineering. Some of them have done really well in the past too.

Here is a list of some colleges which have a separate entrance exam for admission:

  • BITS Pilani: BITS takes their online entrance exam called BITSAT in various slots throughout the month of May every year.
  • VIT: VITEEE is the exam which VIT University conducts every year almost just after JEE Mains in the month of April. This exam is also conducted online in various slots throughout the country.
  • Manipal University: This college conducts the MUOET which is again online and is held over a long span in April and May and one can give this exam multiple times too.
  • State engineering entrances: UPSEE, WBJEE and COMEDK are some of the most popular state entrances and colleges like RVCE, HBTI, IIEST etc. are really good engineering colleges and people from all over the country give these state entrances for these colleges. They are expanding their reach at an immense speed.

There are a lot of options for engineering in our country and you should definitely be aware of the dates and deadlines of applications of these colleges. Confidence is good, but you should surely keep some back-up options. Do consider the worst case scenarios in your mind and apply for more colleges.

The cutoffs of various colleges changes a lot due to many factors like increase of seats or fees too, and so, even if you feel that you might miss a college, you should still apply for it for the just-in-case scenario.

JEE Mains will be the first exam that you would be giving, but even if it does not go too well, you should not be disheartened and you should focus on further preparations. There are a lot more options and JEE is not the end.

Giving more entrance exams boosts your confidence and gives you more choices at the end of the day. Giving more exams will also help you adapt to the exam atmosphere as it will teach you pressure handling. Exploring options is always a good thing and at the end, you also have the option of taking a drop year for JEE too (if you have more attempts left), so always know that you will have options. Just look for them at the correct time and don’t miss deadlines! All the best!

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