How to Prepare for the JEE if I Have Wasted Class 11th?

Today, we will discuss a 1 year study plan for an IIT JEE score! Think it can’t be done? Think again.

The popularity of the JEE is immense and students prepare for it all over the country. There are a lot of coaching institutes which prepare students for it as the competition has increased. There is great competition for each and every seat with multiple students competing at the same score.

How Did I Get Behind?

Most students use coaching for the JEE and a decent number self-study too. There are students who start their preparation as early as class 8th! Many start their preparation in 9th and 10th as well. However, the majority of students start their preparation in class 11th.

There are a lot of factors that affect a student’s preparation right from the start. Sometimes, the student is not able to strike a balance between school and coaching and hence fail to keep up with their JEE preparation. The batch size in the coaching can be large and many aspirants are unable to adjust. Therefore, they pile up a lot of backlogs. These two factors are the prime reasons that students end up wasting their preparation in class 11th. But it doesn’t mean that they can’t do well on the JEE! There is a lot that can be done in class 12th to improve your preparation and cover any backlogs.

Here, we will discuss at length what you can do to cover your syllabus and prepare well in class 12th if you’ve wasted class 11th time. In short, I will help you develop a 1 year study plan for the JEE.

How Do I Begin Again After Wasting Class 11th?

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You just need some motivation and enthusiasm to begin again. You need to tell yourself first that you can do it in a year and you can cover your backlogs as well. You should not start doing everything from the beginning if you are going to coaching. Why? Because you will miss out on the ongoing topics of class 12th of your coaching—which can lead to more backlogs.

So, it is better to focus on the current topics for a majority of your time to prevent lagging even further behind. Remember, you must not only understand things, but you must practice a lot! So start with dedication. Give your full effort to the current topics. This way you will gain good momentum—and probably within a week’s time you can start taking some time for clearing backlogs too.

How to Set Your Time-Table

In order to set a good time-table for yourself in class 12th when you have not utilised class 11th well, you must follow the below mentioned points:

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  • You must prioritize class 12th topics which are being covered in coaching.
  • Set your time-table in such a way that you initially give one day per week for covering class 11th topics.
  • You must start class 11th topics from the very beginning and don’t skip any portions which you feel are easy. Pay attention to every minute detail as there won’t be any further scope for covering up.
  • On the days that you have school and coaching both, you will likely only have time to do class 12th topics. That’s OK.
  • On days that you are skipping school or don’t have coaching, try giving some time to backlogs as well.
  • In summer or any such vacation, give 2 days a week for backlogs.
  • Use the summer vacation of class 12th very wisely and cover the maximum syllabus in those days.
  • Once you are done with your class 12th portions, take a break of 1 day, and then give a month to class 11th portions. Simultaneously revise class 12th practice for an hour daily.
  • Remember to focus on practice more than just mugging up or understanding.
  • Do a lot of mock tests from December or January onwards. Giving a lot of tests will help you a great deal in learning how to proceed.
  • You must give tests during preparation too. Try giving a test once in every 2 weeks to keep in touch with all the concepts covered.

In the ways mentioned above, try to strike a balance between the class 12th and class 11th portions. Learn to prioritize and don’t waste your time in class 12th. There will be a lot of times where you will have to sacrifice fun or some party just to attend coaching or clear backlogs. You must understand that you have already wasted one year and you have hardly any time left! So it is critically important that you make the most of every remaining moment. (And there will be many more parties after the JEE!)

Select a good set of books in the beginning, and then follow it religiously throughout the course of your preparation. You must clear all your doubts, and don’t hesitate to ask questions of your coaching teachers. Don’t rush to cover a lot of books, remember to do the NCERTs and the other standard books rather than doing too many books partially.

Don’t think too much about the time that you wasted in class 11th. That is in the past. Now, put your full focus on preparation in class 12th. There are a lot of people who clear the JEE with a year of complete dedication and efforts. Give it your very best efforts and you can pull it off.

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All the best!

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