How Many Hours Should I Study to Get a Top Rank in JEE?

Once you have decided to get into an IIT, it’s very important to understand the value of time. How many hours do you need to study to get into an IIT? This is a very common and important question among students–so here are few points you should remember.

How Many Hours to Study for IIT JEE?
It Depends On Concentration Level

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It definitely depends on your concentration level. For example, one person may cover the same portion in two hours as another person will cover in three hours. Now you concentration level may naturally be more or less than whoever is sitting next to you in class, but you can work on it. Building up your concentration through practice actually works!

So, if your concentration level is low–practice! For maximum concentration, do not study when lying on your bed. Put yourself in a “study position,” such as at a desk with a proper chair. Get rid of all distractions in your study space. Ask your family to please resist the urge to interrupt you until you are finished, and for goodness sake, turn OFF your cell phone and social media channels! Maybe put on some headphones and listen to focus or study music.

All these things can help your concentration level soar! So take these tips seriously, and see if they work for you.

Time Distribution For Subjects

For JEE aspirants, the schedule is very hectic, and you need to manage your school, coaching, and self-study altogether. You must give at least five hours a day for self-study, and a minimum of eight hours on the weekend to get a good rank. Five hours a day is not a hard and fast rule, but that is what is generally necessary for a student with an average concentration level to get a decent rank.

Time must be distributed according to your choice of subject. If you are good at Chemistry, then you should give it less time as compared to other subjects. We all have a mindset — when we like a subject, we pay more attention in that class compared to other subjects. Generally, Maths is the most time-consuming subject as compared to Physics or Chemistry. Mathematics has a lot of numerical stuff that needs practice. This is not necessary in all cases though. Sometimes Physics takes more time due to its more logical approach.

The number of study hours is not the only thing that matters — the way you study also matters. You should study by sitting on a chair as it gives you the same feeling that you’ll physically have during the exam. It is a good idea to get used to sitting like this and working for three hours straight, with very few breaks, just like you must during the exam. And completing a mock test paper every weekend for speed practice will benefit your score immensely.

Choice Of Study Material

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It is very important to choose your study material wisely. People think that solving more study material will give you a good rank–and it’s a fair point that more practice will give you a better result. However, you don’t need to do extra questions. Just stick to your prescribed study material–but do it so well that you excel in each and every concept present in the questions of that study material. Give proper time for theory as it builds your concepts and provides a better approach to solve the numerical problems. Also, make sure to take a proper sleep of seven hours every night.

The JEE preparation phase will be one of the most important and remarkable phases of your life. You can make or break your career in these two years. Study hard and get a good rank. It doesn’t matter if any of your seniors says that he/she used to study seven hours a day. Every person is different. If you keep studying throughout the year and stay focused, even five hours a day should be enough.

I wish you best of luck for your JEE preparation 🙂

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